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Brother poem

A girl is peeping through her closet and she comes across an old sweatshirt. The sweatshirt stirs great memories in the girl. This article of a garment brings back memories of the days when her younger brother was born. The poem, therefore, captures a falling memory, which later emerges to be an act of self-definition.


Peeping through my clandestine, I speck an old sweatshirt.

To anyone it would be a mere piece of ugly clothing that will go unnoticed.

However, when this sweatshirt fell on my eyes, I flashback to an old outlook.

I am only six,

Nonetheless I am filled with numerous new sentiments and feelings

That I don’t really understand.

However, when they roll my mom out, all the emotions just disappears.

Because when I perceive the minute body she is holding,

Tinted blue with very tiny toes and fingers,

And eyes full of fear and surprises,

I know precisely what I am needed to do.

I am currently the big sister, and I have assumed the roles

Of training the young ones how to play fair,

how to love, and how to be gentle.

My entire life has transformed so much in that single moment.

I now have someone to love and to take care.

I have somebody to mock my friends and some to follow me around.



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I have somebody who will cry and love with me and someone to tell my secrets to.

I have somebody to get in trouble with and somebody to fight with continuously.

And I have a glance to the baby’s fragile and beautiful eyes,

I was sure everything was going to be right.

Because I now have somebody who would love me and grow with me forever,

No matter the number of flights or distance between the two of us.

I now have my younger brother and I am pompous.

The sweatshirt sparked a memory that had long gone away.

When I came across it I held it in my arms remembering that fateful night,

Then I flashback how much beloved brother means to me and how high I felt when we first met.

That sweatshirt is not a mere old ragged piece of cloth,

But on it is my brother’s footstep from that great night he was born.


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