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In the development of life one has to undergo different stages of life. These stages are very vital since they gauge the process of ones life from being an infant until the attainment of adulthood. The two main stages of life are childhood and adulthood phase. However, one cannot just graduate from childhood to adulthood since there are a lot of changes that takes place during this period. This stage is referred as an adolescent stage whereby it includes the attainment of two digit number which is not an easy task. The achieved of attaining a two digit number presents a very sad surrounding in the person involved. The sad tone in the poem is portrayed by the words used in the poem especially the use of blue color since it drains off the thoughts of the child as the words used are too harsh for a ten year old kid. Turning ten that mostly presents maturity stage, changes everything especially the thinking aspect since one tend to give up on imaginary issues but instead starts to think of constructive issues in life.

The usage of imagery in the poem helps to engage the reader’s mind to their own childhood life. The examples used in the poem like the tree house, the blue bikes and admiration of being a wizard represents the various heroic facts a child always wants to achieve (2-3).The concept of chickenpox also act as a link of childhood to adulthood stage. The image of chickenpox tends to represent the childhood phase since it often occurs once in a childhood period. The appearance of chickenpox makes one to think they are growing older and mature. This makes the child happy that one has grown up but on the other hand it makes one feel sad realizing the concepts and imaginary action one is forced to leave behind. Therefore ,the attainment of ten can be viewed as an aliment similar to chickenpox since afterwards ,one is well just as one is able to adapt the changes at ten(1-2).

All along the poem, it seems that one strains to accept the changes in ones life. The aspect of playing out with friends at digit one is erased in ones thoughts. One tends to think as a mature person by viewing life in a different dimension, that requires a lot of commitment and reasoning in the right direction of issues at hand. The poem tends to prove that many people including the poet find it difficult to forget their childhood life since it is not that stressful as being an adult. The poem shows that turning ten is not an exciting issues as it seems, as one can no longer be a child anymore but instead others tend to look upon you (3-2).One tends not to get anything funny playing with heroes but instead look ahead to be the heroes, that requires a lot of one’s effort compared to one digit era. As a result of this, one tends to be exposed to pressures of the world to a point that one tends to give into them in order to be a successful person in life.

The concept of mockery in the poem is portrayed by Shelley’s Ode(4-2).The mocking comes about not as a result of complexity of being old but instead of stating that Shelley at her age of more than ten, that she was not old enough to look back while the others at ten want to be older. However, despite of the issue the concept the sadness portrayed in the poem does not change since the changes of thoughts at ten still takes place.

It is evident from the poem that maturity mostly tend to be quite depressing since one tend to give up the easy life of childhood to a more diverse dimension of life. Maturity tends to expand ones thoughts from imaginary lifestyle to a reality world that requires ones ideas and as well exposures one to responsibilities of some issues in life.


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