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In the book Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, Frankenstein is the Protagonist and at the same time he is the narrator. He is the first-born son of a rich man by the name Alphonse. Frankenstein’s mother is called Caroline. He grows up in a well off family and thus enjoys a happy childhood and a continuous and dedicated friendship from his adopted cousin namely Elizabeth. Frankenstein is intelligent, profound, and passionate regarding his wellbeing. As a young boy, he grows up in Geneva reading the works of the prehistoric and out-of-date alchemists. At the university level he learns about modern science and he is good at it. His intelligent leads him the curiosity of the need of finding out what designs life. For instance, while at college in Ingolstadt, he designs a being from scavenged dead body parts and gives it a life, but is disgusted by its ugliness once comes to life (Mary 100).

His intelligent and passion for discovery of life is one of the cause of his downfall in the book. Frankenstein changes throughout the novel from an innocent boy captivated by the diagnoses of science into a dissatisfied, tormented man who is determined to put an end to the fruits of his scientific struggles. Due to the consequences of Frankenstein’s desires to get the divine power of producing new life in addition to his dodging of the public grounds in which science is typically carried out, Frankenstein is ruined by a lack of humanness. He disconnects himself the rest of the world and finally commits himself completely to an animalistic passion with retaliating himself upon the monster (Mary 123).

At the end of the book, he pursued his designs ever northward, Frankenstein gives his account of the story to Robert Walton and finally dies. The book presents Frankenstein as a typical mad scientist, disobeying all limits devoid of addition; he is viewed to be a brave adventurer into unidentified scientific fields, and at the same he does not hold any responsibilities for the outcomes of his explorations (Mary 78).


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