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Free «Race and Literacy» Essay Sample

Race can be defined as people who are believed to belongto the same genetic stock; this implies the people of the same race have relationship. On the other hand, literacy is definite as the capability to read and write. Combining the two words; race and literacy are the defined as the is the ability of particular people of the some ethnicity to be able to read or write (Street 90).

Literacy is practiced in the communities, workplaces and homes. In many case, it is associated with schooling in essence that it describes the standards for other varieties but does not marginalize these varieties. Therefore, with schooling of can acquire skills to read and write. A focus of literacy practices incorporates social, historical and political events. In addition, many literacy theories have endeavored to link literacy practices to the discourses. Where discourse meant a systematic set of statements which provided expression to the meaning and values of an instruction (Street 151).

For an awful long time history of American, there has been biasness and inequality in American citizens, for example, the Native Americans were discriminated till 1924. They were not allowed to access some resources in the country; education among other services. There were treated as foreigners or aliens until when they were allowed to get citizenship in 1924. During this time, there was no equality thus the Americans discriminated the Native Americans (Alexie 57).



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Therefore, native Americas were regarded as noble, primitive and childlike. This implies that the Native Americans did not have any rights in the country; thus many Native Americans were adopted by white settlers at some place. This explains why to the present time, rivers, states are named after the Americans (Benshoff 36).

These books provide us with a clear mind upon which people can examine and understand the biasness and shaping discourses of the contemporary American culture. Hence the future generation may not only promise to deliver equality for all Americans, regardless of class, race, gender, sexuality or ability. Therefore, there are some issues, and themes one needs to know in order to understand these stories (Alexie 77).

To start with, is the theme of discrimination; this is evidenced when the Native Americans lives in reservation in united states. Native Americans were treated without equality and make their lives miserable in the country. They were not able to get equal chances of accessing resources such as education. Therefore, Native Americans remained uneducated. This explains why they are regarded as noble, primitive and childlike (Benshoff 66).

Secondly there is the theme of conflict; there is conflict between the nineteenth century Americans settlers and the native people. There are a series of battles in fought in the United States and later resolved. These conflicts are evidenced when the antagonists defeats the protagonists. The Native Americans are decimated until they decide to involve in conflicts with nineteenth century settlers. Later in the stories they sit down and resolve their differences (Alexie 157).

However, there is the theme of unity and reconciliation; this is apparent seen when the two disagreed parties reach agreement. The Native Americans are able to solve their difference when they allowed being citizens in 1924. Hollywood uses happy-endings in the stories which is a specifics form of closure; is a potent narrative tool in managing ideological conflicts. Therefore, closure ties all the stories loose and frequent by including protagonist love interest in uniting couples and American citizens (Benshoff 99).

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In addition to the theme of unity and reconciliation, there is the theme of love; this is evidenced in the stories when people with disabilities fall in love able-bodied person. For example, the able-bodied partner helps the render inoperative person hence overcoming his or her limitations. Another scenario is viewed after the stereotypes of people in United States; the Native American and the nineteenth century settlers they were able to come together and reconciled in love. Thus, conflict and discrimination were brought to the end (Alexie 117).

Theme of culture and tradition is also evidence in the stories, where the culture of any emarginate or minority group is often labeled a subculture. Subcultures have effects on the dormant culture by contributing to the active hegemonic negotiations of dormant ideology. These makes a meticulous race of people to be conservatives of their own traditions. Therefore, lacking development. The Native American had a different culture from that of the nineteenth century settlers. These differences in cultures are some of the causes of the conflicts in the stories in the books. The nineteenth century settlers considered their culture to be the best; thus they ignored the Native American culture and considered their culture to be a primitive one (Benshoff 89).

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There is also theme of politics; this is sometimes called theme of power and authority. The Native Americans were not given any right since they were not considered to be citizens. In addition, it is through politics that the Native Americans and the nineteenth century settlers could reach an agreement. Politics looked into the importance of race to discussions of cultures, this lead to many theories which improves the understanding of Americans. Today the Americans have equality and native Americans are not rationalized (Alexie 84).

Last but not least, there is theme religion. This is evidenced by the fact that the stories outline the two religions of the Christians and the Muslims. Various European powers try to control the region by extracting the material wealth and strategic advantages of religion. They try to carry out crusades which may eventually give way to the modern form of colonialism. The situation was exacerbated by the creation of the Jewish state of Israel by the United Nations in 1948. Israel was created by dividing the former British territory of Palestine; Palestine was mostly inhibited by the Arabs, and they vehemently rejected the partitioning (Benshoff 78).

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In the stories, literacy plays a prominent role since it tries to cut across these entire themes. It eliminates the dormant approaches based on autonomous models that may simply be imposing western conceptions. Sets alternatives by providing ideological model of literacy offers to overcome other cultures. Literacy posits social practices as not simply technical and neutral skills. Therefore, with literacy, one always embeds socially constructed epistemological principles that help him or her overcome some issues in life. In addition, literacy enable policy makers (politicians) develop a better method of solving problems, it not only tries to identify the neutral index but looks on how people hold to communicative practices; the missionary brought about literacy to some nations hence improving their communication practices. In addition, literacy equips one with prevailing literacy practices upon which some cultures are eliminated. Good judgment is always reached which will not only suite the majority but looks at the extend which people are affected (Street 79).

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In conclusion, different races may have different cultural and traditional practices or religions. Therefore, with a clear mind of literacy, One is able to get more information upon which judgment can be reached, it will impact a positive influence. This means that with literacy one can eliminate discriminations, conflicts among many other issues in life. In addition, literacy betters ones understanding to issues in life. Therefore, literacy is a tool which emphasizes on some key element of explicitness.


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