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`Love is a common word demonstrated directly or indirectly by human beings. It is a bond between two people of opposite sex who understand each other and has a common goal. It represents all human virtues including affection, generosity and care. The various categories of love that try to separate the different types of love that are demonstrated; Gods love towards human kind, agape,  romantic love that mainly refers to passionate love, platonic, that defines friendship, love for physical objects like cars and food.

It is fascinating how love appears in almost all aspects in life and seems to be a common word in the entire social strata.  In every community there is always a way in which love seem to be integrated in the social world symbolizing most of the positive affections more than any other word around. The word seems to fit in every group yet it seems to mean a different type of relationship between the groups included.

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Love according to Christians seems to be a special relationship between human beings and the creator. Love is said to have existed since the time of creation when the God created Adam. Due to God’s love for Adam, he created a companionship, Eve for him and placed them in a beautiful land where they would live happily ever after.

In movies, love is demonstrated mainly in romantic movies. In these movies, love is portrayed as the strong connection between the actors where they can go extreme levels in order to please their partners even at their cost, like catching a bullet for them. Love is shown as a priceless virtue that the actors are ready to endure hard challenges, in order to make a bond between lovers. In a caste system, a couple may go against the community norms and elope with a partner from different social strata, Brahmins and Sudra just for the sake of the love they have for one another. 

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In real world a new perspective of love seems to be created where human virtual such as, kindness and compassion are used to demonstrate the strong bond of love between people. Among the children, it is used to symbolize the friends who are not mean among friends. The meaning changes through early childhood to adolescence where those who seem to be consistent in keeping up with responsibilities and burdens of a peer group or friends are said to be in love with the group or friends. In institutions, schools, church and training center, love is demonstrated where pupils support for one another in academic difficulties. Among the adults, love seems to take a new role as a souvenir of a promise made between two people who promise to be together forever. This bond allows people to have the courage and confidence to make an everlasting bond to absorb other people, who were strangers into their life.

Using the Oxford English Dictionary to research about the word love is a very interesting experience as loads of new fascinating information presents itself. Reading the definition and history it builds curiosity to read more and more of the text. The explanations are in simplified form, which makes it easy for one to go through reducing the chances of getting bored instead the curiosity keeps developing with every sentence. You discover new uses of love and you want to learn more and more of the word and be able to explore all the situations and ways in which it can be used.

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Oxford English Dictionary opens clears the mystery about the word love and its uses in the world. I learnt that the word love is defined under many categories depending on where, who or to who it is used. Love can be defined as warm affection or liking: like the love of a mother for her child or love for ones country. Love is given a second definition to mean passion or sexual affections, which can be a reason why people get married, love bond. In the religious category, love is used to represent the special relationship between the creator and humankind.

What surprised me was to realize how their many idioms have used love as the key words. I enjoyed reading through them and was greatly fascinated by idioms like fall in love with somebody, which describes a sudden attraction towards someone. This explains why the word can be used in so many situations to pass messages.

As I read the word love, I passed other words, which I felt obliged to search so that I could satisfy my curiosity about the word love. In the way the definition of the word is expressed I also felt motivated to read more and search other words in order to diversify my knowledge. Words like affection, passion, sweetheart and relationships.

Reading about love in the Oxford English Dictionary has greatly diversified my knowledge on the word so it will be easier for me to know how to use it in my conversations, when to use it and who to tell to as I have discovered different ways on how to use it. Examining an English word from a single is like an adventure where you start from a single word and you keep discovering more information about the word and related phrases.

Reading about the etymology of love was fascinating where I discovered the relation between English and other languages like German, lufu and Latin, libet. This has greatly changed my understanding of languages as I have discovered that the languages are greatly related to my initial understanding of the relationship between languages. This has greatly helped me understand the relationship between English and other languages as if German, French and Latin because many words seem to have originated from different backgrounds.

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