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Harold Krebs, the main hero of the Soldier’s Home by Ernest Hemingway, came back home from the war and now it is the rugged period of his life when it is impossible for him to fit the current society. Hemingway explains the reason why. He suggests that it is so, because Harold came back later than the other soldiers, who already told a lot of stories about the war. Harold does not want to lie like the most of the other soldiers, who want to seem to be better, but sometimes he must just support them. Nevertheless Hemingway shows only the top of the iceberg. Honestly it is a problem with deep roots. The whole generation of soldier who participated in the war is named as a lost generation. Harold spent many years on the battlefield. He used to be a hero, who fought when he had to. He ate and drank when it was told him. He went to bed at the military order. He did not use to decide for himself. He was pulled out from ordinary life, and during his absence the world has changed. Furthermore he has changed too. He does not need a job or a wife. It seems that he has no more feelings because war stole them all and tempered his soul. He cut his life adrift. At the same time the society cannot accept his lifestyle because everyone lives and needs him to assimilate.

Flannery O’Connor in A Good Man Is Hard To Find wrote about the Misfit, another victim of circumstances. He blames himself, but he does not exclude the false of the society. Despite the fact that he does not remember what he did wrong, he went through the punishment which ruined all his principles and moral nature and made his soul cold and adamant: now to take somebody’s life is just nothing for him. It brings him no pleasure and no disappointment. A long time ago he used to be a gospel singer. However nowadays he does not accept Jesus because he does not have enough faith. He needs evidences, as he did not see the raising of Him. The Misfit compares himself with Jesus because they both were punished for what they have not done. He blames Jesus that He broke off the balance. And after the Misfit’s experience he is trying to find the sense of life and his own place in the world. Instead of this he cannot find anything even a real pleasure in life.


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