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The story Araby by James Joyce is a story of a boy who becomes an adult man. He is not interested to play with other boy outside anymore. This change is caused by his love for a friend’s sister. She always appears in light which is like the symbol of a hope and a dream. But after his experience in the bazaar everything is dark. It means that he worries so much and cannot buy anything, and that he loses his hope. Besides, his idea with the bazaar is rather a dream and illusion, but not the reality.

The very sad story The Jilting of Granny Weatherall written by Katherine Anne Porter is about an old woman who is remembering her life on her deathbed. She refreshes her memory with different episodes of her life. She is not ready to dead now, but the time is coming. The only thing that she regrets for is her love affair. She used to have two men she loved. And she lived her life with one of them. Now she dreams to show the other one that she was happy even without him. She regrets about her choice but she convinces herself that it was right and that she lived the happiest life. Her thoughts are alike the question “What if?” which she does not ask directly, but it was in the implication. Nevertheless there is not enough time for her to think it till the end.

David Herbert Lawrence wrote an incredibly moving story The Rocking-Horse Winner. About a boy who felt that his mother is not satisfied with her life. His only aim was to prove her that he is lucky. At the beginning of the story it is like a story of the mother, but when it is about the feelings of the boy and his horse-races experience, it may seem that it is a story of the Paul. The answer to this question becomes obvious later, when the author shows worry of the mother and the night event when she found the boy on the horse. The Paul’s death helps the reader to recognise the answer, but it is a very sad ending.


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