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Free «The story of the eye by George Bataille» Essay Sample


            In the book story of the eye Mr Bataille attracted from various influences and used different modes of discourse to produce his work. His novel Story of the Eye (Histoire de l'oeil), published under the reign of Lord Auch (literally, Lord "to the shithouse" — "auch" being a certain type of slang for putting someone off by sending him to the pit), was initially viewd as pure pornography, while interpretation of its art has overtime matured to reveal the same reasonable emotional and philosophical level that is featured of other philosophers who have been in the category of "literature of transgression". The imagery of the story is constructed upon consecutive series of metaphors which also refer to philosophical concepts created and improved in his novel: the earth, the testicle, the earth, the sun and the eye. The following are some of the pros and cons regarding the novel;

The pros: it is a classic of Surrealist literature (1928); some philosophical series and some memorable images.

Cons: It is depicted and illustrated in violent and pornographic themes which will off put most people.

            Finally, Mr. Bataille is celebrated and endorsed for his efforts on eroticism and death; this book is his earliest work on the subject matter. It is actually not for all tastes.



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The book that was written in 1928 in French by Georges B (1897-1962), Histoire de l’oeil (Story of the Eye) is not just an "erotic" fiction. It is actually much out of the mold of Bataille’s countryman and closest proponent, the Marquis de Sade.

            The main characters of this novel are young and inexperienced when it comes to sex. However, this does not stop them from learning. In the beginning, the young couple spends a great deal of time exploring what gives them pleasure without cosseting in sexual intercourse. The pair quickly learns what makes their desire intense and discovers many ways to participate in these situations. At first, their sexual play is of a conventional type. However, when Marcelle sees on them in the orchard, the pair realizes that they like being viewed and they also like to share their play with other people.

            The couple then participates in an orgy. The party is thrilling for the couple. However, when they are found out by their friends' parents, their freedom comes under question. This leads to the narrator moving into Simone's bedroom in order to escape any harassment from their parents.

            Georges Bataille commonly falls amid the cracks of imaginary identification because his work overlays so many uncomfortable realms .Two juvenile lovers tryout with their bodies in addition with foreign objects; finally their erotic escapades include insanity, agony, homicide and the demise of a bullfighter. Also the book tries to tell us about the role of parent’s upbringing in our lives. The narrator was brought up in not so clear childhood which later changed his later life .The nurturing process includes guarding, nourishing, and guiding the kid. It includes a series of interface between the parental and the child throughout the life span.

            One youth remembers his sexually disgusting past with a distant relative, the equally disgusting Simone, and the psychologically brittle Marcelle. He and Simone found out their awkward sexuality thru lots of eggs, urine and masturbation. They include Marcelle, who is driven insane at an orgasm and ends up being institutionalized. They take her out of the booby hatch and ends up killing herself. They have had sex next to her corpses and she urinated so much into her eyes. To prevent an inquiry into Marcelle’s murder, the two went to Spain with an evil intention.

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            So there is a possibility that this kind of material can promote bad fantasies. This is some sort of specific stuff in this book and someone would have to be inclined to find material sexual arousal before reading and analyzing the book in order to get them attractive after going through the book. As a matter fact the majority of persons that read or go through this book will be vaguely unsettled or disgusted, not aroused.

            The Story of the Eye by Georges .B is seen as the first of its type. This novel is an interesting and thrilling story that comprises of  a young couple who become fascinated  with eggs and  other similar objects, but with a girl who is scandalized by their focus of attention she kills commits suicide. Later the young couple starts to enjoy public sexual involvement and find themselves attempting to attack a priest in his own place of worship. The Story of the Eye is a sexually provocative novel of sexual immorality that will both entertain and offend modern day readers.

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            The author, a youth of sixteen, comes across a young lady at the sea beach with whom he becomes obsessed with. The young lady, Simone, eventually turned out to be a distant relative of his, so he tries to get excuses to spend some time in her presence. Within a short the lady becomes aware of his intentions and begins to gain some interest in her.

            In the fear of being apprehended, the author ran away from his home. Simone got himself living in the forest near the lady’s residence and takes Simone back to her rooms. Initially the author runs away during the day and spends the night with him in her room. Shortly, however, the author stays with him in her room all the time. During this period, their sexual experience becomes more intensive. However, Simone explains to the author that she will not allow him to take her virginity away unless Marcelle is present. They went to the sanatorium and they all realized they can’t take separate Marcelle.

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            The author and Simone rushed home on their bicycles, in a rush to arrive before dawn because they had no cloths. The rush made both of them exhausted, making Simone to fall off her bicycle. Battaille carries her rest towards home. The next day Simone fell ill. The author nurses her back to good health. During this period, Simone becomes addicted and obsessed with eggs. Simone likes for the author to put eggs in the latrine where they view them float. Later, Simone takes pleasure in watching the eggs disappear in the latrine.

            At the time of Simone's recovery, the young couple grows nearer in their amusements. Simone's mother found out of their relationship and the narrator's presence, but does nothing to change the circumstance. Eventually Simone recovered again. The narrator and Simone return to the sanitarium Marcelle heads towards the wardrobe and commits suicide. When the narrator finds her body Simone emphasizes that he take Marcelle's dead body out of the wardrobe and lays her on the ground. Then Simone accepts the narrator to take away her virginity. Afterward, Simone begins to urinate on Marcelle's face, but is not satisfied because of Marcelle's inability to react. Later, the couple takes refuge somewhere else in the fear of the police investigation. Simone proposed they go to Spain where she has information of a wealthy Englishman who once offered to give her support. In Spain the narrator and Simone find a greater amount of liberty to explore their sexual fantasies and obsessions. They also find out about bull fighting.

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            Simone finds bull fighting as an exciting experience because of the roughness in it. Simone especially likes the concept of the audience members of consuming the balls of the meat of bulls. Simone requests Sir Edmund, her English partner, to be served some of the balls of the slain bull which she uses for sexual fantasies (Susan, 12).

            Story of the eye composes of various vignettes, focused around the sexual passion that subsists between Simone and the nameless adolescent male who passed away, his primary female friend. Within the episodic story two secondary phenomena’s come up: Marcelle, a mentally challenged sixteen year old female who ends up in a sad note, and Lord Edmund.

            Simone and the narrator initially satisfy their lust on a sandy beach near their home, and engage Marcelle within their sexual activity. The couple is exhibitionists, having intercourse within Simone's house in full observation of her mother. During this second episode, Simone finds pleasure by immersing hard and soft boiled eggs for her anal and vaginal stimulation; she also encounters  considerable pleasure from the viscosity of several liquids.

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            They saw the bullfight of Madrid, which involves the prowess of a particular handsome twenty year old matador, El Granero. In the beginning, El Granero murders the first bull that he encounters and the animal is then castrated. Simone then enjoys her by vaginally immersing these testicles. By bad lack, El Granero is murdered by the next animal that he fights with, and his face is mutilated (George, 23). As the dead body of El Granero is removed from the stadium, his right eye appeared loose from its socket, and is distended, hanging and bloody.

            The narrator, sir Edmund and Simone visit the Holy Catholic Church of San Seville after the events of the day. Simone savagely seduces Don Aminado, a handsome, young, Catholic priest, inducing him while Simone and the narrator had intercourse. Sir Edmund then takes a blasphemous sacrilege of parody of the Catholic Eucharist engaging disposal

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            Finally, the Story of the Eye is a thrilling novel with themes of pornography, surrealist literary and violence. A controversial masterpiece of art that originated from France. The actors are one boy and two girls, who were squatting naked. Then Marcelle, a sixteen year old mentally challenged female dies in a sad note.  The boy’s impassionate passion decided to urinate on the dead body of the late adolescent. They went for a Road trip to Spain and experienced the Spanish bullfights. The Bull’s balls were Peeled and eaten. The eyes, eggs and the bulls slain were used for their sexual stimulation and satisfaction which showed the pornographic part of the novel. As helpless as he could be, he gets angry. The Catholic Mass and a Monstrous blasphemy and where they wanted to kill the bishop are the violent parts of the novel.


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