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In the part of the book Their Dogs Came with Them, Viarmontes wrote about a couple of people, Nacho and Ermila living in a district of a city occupied by cholos’ gangs that caused disturbances in the area. Both Ermila and Nacho would be happy to leave the place. Nacho drove away from the place, while Ermila remained at home and speculated about her distinction with her mother.

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Nacho “was glad to say good riddance to the popping bullets like corks; adios to the concrete walls and cars, hasta la vista to the cholos and mostly good-bye to those enormous disturbances of the heart” (Viarmontes, 294). This description shows that the area, where the young people lived, was occupied by cholos, the gangsters who got their name resembling of their Creole origin. The calamities they caused did not only harm possessions of the locals, but caused substantial emotional agitation of people who were emotionally struck by chases and skirmishes between police and the gangs. Therefore, Nacho, who did not like such way of living, was glad to flee from the place that was extremely dangerous, gloomy, and unfriendly. Even his feelings to Ermila did not stop him to flee from the slums.

Ermilla, who wanted to escape from the district too, was envy of her mother’s successful escape from the poor part of the city. Her “mother had fled into the night unafraid to leave”, but Ermila was unlike her and “realized … she had not enough … her mother’s blood”. She did not have enough courage to leave her friends, relatives, and house to change her way of living. Therefore, though she was young and full of strengths, her prospects to remain in the slams did not promise her a prosperous life.

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