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Free «Values and limitation of the 1913 'littlechild letter'» Essay Sample

The little child letter provide details regarding the allegations previously put forth on the Jack the Ripper story. Littlechild poses various acclamations regarding a probability of the fact that he was indeed equipped with information of jack the ripper's real identity. The letter proceeds to provide details of how the then chief had some connection with coining the term 'jack the ripper' and his careless drunkard behavior.

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Some of the values learnt from the story include the issue regarding the sexual orientation of Druit. We see this in, "Although a sycopathia sexualis subject he was not known as a sadist but his feelings toward women were remarkable and bitter in the extreme" (Geary 121). This adequately describes Druit's character as pointed out by Macnagten describes him. However, limitations of the letter appear in the sense that the acclamations made appear vague, abstract, and lack material support towards pointing out Druit's connection with Jack the ripper when it comes to his association with women.

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Values and Limitations of the 1891 ' West of England MP story'.

The story of the MP gives an anecdotal evidence regarding the real identity of 'jack the ripper' from an England member of parliament before the sudden murder of Frances Coles. The member of parliament attempts to describe the subject 'Montague Druit' as the son of a surgeon. This allegation appears true against all odds. In the story, "...He states that a man with blood stained clothes committed suicide on the night of the last murder, and he asserts that the man was the son of a surgeon who suffered from homicidal maniac...

" (Geary 123). The description of Druit matches that of Littlechild's on account of anger and sadism. It however lacks a connection on sexual account going by Macnagten's description.


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