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Operations management identifies the practice and managing processes as well as products in an organization. It also considers the overall development and effective utilization of the resources present in the respective company. Operations management plays an oversight role in ensuring that the operations are successful. “The nature of operations management covers different areas in the organization including strategic, operational and tactical levels”. For example, the subordinates use the operations management principles to ensure that the production processes are performed according to the requirements of the top management. Similarly, the top management has access to the various operations management ideas and principles necessary in supporting performance. For example, warehouse operations management could be used to determine the layout and the structure of the warehouse for the storage of products and materials. It can also help in the selection of the appropriate equipment for their operations in the warehouses. It is worth noting that operations management is used to develop effective inventory management system. This allows conducting regular checking and review of the inventory improving the efficiency of inventory systems. 

In addition, operations management identifies the smooth flow of products and services. This proves the significance of supply chain as illustrated by operations management. “It can also be explained by the connection created between the suppliers and customers. “This enhances the success of the organization in the manufacturing context. Thus, any manufacturing companies are able to reach to the final consumers due to the link created by the operations management. It is also crucial to note that it leads to operational excellence through the sustainable strategies. Therefore, the companies can perform their operations in a profitable and efficient manner. Consequently, operations management is essential in any organization since it seeks to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the various organizational processes.

In addition to the application of operations management in various business contexts, the operations management knowledge can be useful in tackling daily activities. The example of cooking in the kitchen would illustrate the various concepts of   operations management applicable to the daily life activity. In every family, there is a person responsible for cooking dinner and lunch for all family members. The activity of cooking involves various processes and products that require operations management knowledge. “There are various operation skills applicable in cooking practice in the different homes. “First, quality and service aspects form one of the operations management skills required for cooking food for the family. The cooks must ensure that the food meets the highest quality level. This level can be reached when the family members are satisfied with the taste of the food.  Regarding the quality, the dishes should comprise all expected ingredients and right measures. Quality food should be overcooked to undermine the nutrition content. Moreover, serving the dishes is usually different depending on the events and type of food. Thus, the cooks must possess some operations management skills and knowledge to serve quality food to the family.

Second, performance measurement and evaluation is the operations management knowledge necessary in the kitchen while cooking. The concept provides the later review of the cooking process ingredients. The cooks should not waste the ingredients to avoid wastage. Performance measurement helps in minimizing the costs associated with cooking meals. It also helps in suggesting alternatives ways of cooking in the kitchen. For example, it could specify the best arrangement and layout in the kitchen that would enhance effective performance while cooking. Consequently, the practices of performance evaluation are necessary in enhancing efficiency and costs related to the cooking ingredients and materials.

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Moreover, cooking could also require the management of inventory. In the kitchen, the inventory is cooking ingredients necessary for different meals. The ingredients should be measured appropriately to avoid wastage of the cooking materials. Operations management would help in enhancing efficiency during the cooking processes in the various kitchens. Moreover, timing between adding materials should be certain to avoid overcooking and wastage of the overall meal. This example shows that operations management can be used in simple daily activities such as cooking.

In a major family reunion comprising of more than 150 family members from different parts of the world, operations management concepts would be applicable, especially the aspect of service management. First, the organizers would offer a three-course dinner that comprises different dishes. The meals would include different desserts and starters to match the demands of the clients. The full meal would be appropriate in offering customer benefit package to all individuals attending the reunion. Regardless of their diversity, the three-course meal would be able to meet their expectations and experiences during the event. In addition, the arrangement of the tables would foster diversity and close interactions among the various family members. Thus, there will be eight people from the different areas at each table. The persons would be directed to their specified tables to minimize unnecessary movements. It is also important to leave enough space between the tables to accommodate any children present in the reunion. However, there would be small tables for the young children.

While serving of the meal, it is necessary to offer customer benefit package to the various individuals in the family reunion. Customer benefit package is an operations management concept that identifies the expected values and experiences by the customers. Considering the diversity of the family reunion, it is appropriate to envisage the expectations of various persons attending the family reunion. Moreover, customer benefit package identifies the core products that are useful for meeting the needs of the customers. The family reunion dinner will offer various entertainment, including listening to music, couples’ dance and kid festive. The three options of entertainment would ensure that the family reunion is lively and enjoyable as well as participation of every invited person.

The entertainment can be used to explain the concept of customer benefits package since it is classified as a variant in the event. A variant recognizes other services and products provided to drive the customer benefits package. “The food service activities in the reunion should be performed in a structured way to ensure the availability of the most efficient and cost-effective meals.” The offered meals should have some nutritional values to be classified as quality meals.  The employed servants to serve the guests would receive various instructions, which are necessary serve the guests with the utmost respect. “The instructions would also indicate the various processes necessary during the food service period.” Consequently, they would enhance the access to quality foods and an amazing serving experience to the family members from different parts of the world. 

Moreover, the use of English would enhance effective communication among various individuals since it is an international language understandable by many people in the world.  In the context of the family reunion, there is order qualifier used to explain the services and products that must be provided to make the event successful. This includes the three-course meal and entertainment options. They are essential in maintaining level of competitiveness in the family reunion. The three-course meal would be order qualifier since it marks the minimum qualifications required by the persons attending the family reunion. It increases the level of service delivery and performance above the order qualifiers.

While improving the service offered during the reunion, it would be necessary to employ qualified hoteliers. “This helps in ensuring that cook quality foods for the occasions to meet the expectations and needs of the family members. “Among various meals, the family members would be required to queue through the self-service method in order to take their desired food. However, the qualified people would serve desserts and other items on the tables. It would also be necessary to maintain high level of cleanliness and organization of the tables. This enhances the inherent levels of the customer’s satisfaction and service management.

The servers would take strategic positions in order to response to any order requests from the family members. This would improve the delivery of services to the individuals during the family reunions. It provides a smooth flow of services in the event as well as enhances the consistent of dealing with the demands of the various family members. The lack of people for managing queries would make the party chaotic and disorganized. All processes in food service and management should be coordinated in order to improve the level of satisfaction of the various individuals as well as reduce confusion during family reunion. The scenario of family reunion party shows the application of the operations management in different daily activities apart from the business contexts.


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