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Free «Differing Perspectives on Quality» Essay Sample

Supply Chain Perspective

Supply Chain Perspective on quality assurance is based on the appropriate manufacturing processes related to the flow of activities and resources. In order to ensure the quality assurance supplier focuses on providing the appropriate quality requirements (Foster, 2001). According to these requirements the optimum utilization of resources should be achieved. For example, the supply chain related indicators may be the following: the share of defects in the manufactured products or the length of distribution of the necessary product complements.

Engineering Perspective

From the engineering perspective quality assurance and control are associated with a product design and focus only on technical aspects of products and services (Golder, Mitra, & Moorman, 2012). The required indicators are based on monitoring process capabilities and stability using specific statistical process control instruments. For example, from the engineering perspective the temperature in the restaurant may be the quality measure. Thus, an observance of an appropriate temperature chosen on the base of the most suitable temperature for people produces the quality through the service attribute. However, customers might have different suggestions about the appropriate temperature, which should be decided by the marketing managers.



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Operations Perspective

Operations managers are also concerned about the products and services and their design.  From the operational perspective they are focused on managing the technical issues. In this case the quality management is used in the process of providing interaction between the components of producing product or services (Golder, Mitra, & Moorman, 2012). Thus, the quality management is implemented in interactions machines, labor, procedures, planning, and management. For example, the quality indicators may be the following: the time of working on one detail using a certain machine, or the speed of exchanging operating documents between the company’s departments.

Strategic Management Perspective

Strategic management’s perspective is related with the quality assurance, quality control and quality management spheres. Hence, strategic company’s view should indentify the quality as the base for lasting improvement in all strategic business spheres (Golder, Mitra, & Moorman, 2012). It should enhance the sustainable improvements in order to achieve a bearable competitive advantage. From the strategic management perspective on quality the following indicators could be used: firms’ profitability, the cost of leadership, operational success, etc.

Marketing Perspective

Marketing focus on quality management is based on the customer perception of quality. The most frequently used tools for influencing those perceptions are price and advertising. Marketing perspective is closely related to the engineering and operating perspectives since they are engaged in the manufacturing process (Foster, 2001). However, marketing managers should base their quality indicators on customers’ perception on product or service. For instance, if the customer compares two teapots with similar characteristics (size, color, material, etc.), he/she will choose the item with a lower price or from more famous brand. Thus, marketing managers may evaluate the quality by the compared product price or by the level of the brand recognition.

Financial Perspective

From the financial perspective the quality control and management spheres could be measured by the following indicators: cost of sales, marginal rate, debt rate, liquidity rate, etc. Such quantifies and measurable indicators are based on results-oriented thinking and can help to measure the costs of quality (Foster, 2001). For example, a break-even analysis is provided in order to calculate the appropriate the maximum level of product produced at the certain price, which maximizes the company’s sales. Financial perspective on quality allows finding any waste processes that lower profitability, or decrease the costs by looking for the best way to reduce a rework or make fewer mistakes and delays, etc.

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Human Resource Perspective

Quality management is closely related to the company’s employees (Foster, 2001). The efficient quality management could be provided through implementing clear job descriptions and ensuring that appropriate employees with certain skills, experience, and knowledge are working on appropriate jobs. In order to improve the quality management two deployments on quality management could be applied. Therefore, a vertical deployment is based on providing similar problem-solving processes for all employees’ levels within one department, while horizontal employment is characterized with providing the similar problem-solving approaches among firm’s departments.


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