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It is true that fans support their favorite athletes in competitions. However, athletes are not justified in the use performance enhancing drugs to boost performance. Unfortunately, many athletes have been found guilty in the use of banned substances. Some of the most popular athletes that have been guilty of doping include Marion Jones and Lance Armstrong. The world was shocked when these athletes declared their guilt and announced their intention to drop all appeals on all the doping charges. This begs a very controversial question, why is academic doping encouraged and yet doping in sports is discouraged? The doctor I interviewed encourages academic doping but she highly discourages doping in sports. She quoted, “Academic doping only improves your mental capacity, memory, and intelligence but sports doping is associated with increasing power, energy and to some extent the body mass and this could be harmful to one’s health. The supplements administered in academic doping are associated with beneficial health benefits that boost mental ability (Carter, 2005).

Just imagine racing with someone who has double your strength, double you mass, his or her capabilities of winning are high so it is no longer a game because you are not competing on equal grounds. The sweetness of a game is when you compete at the same level and it is unfair when a competing sportsman has a competitive advantage due to doping. Such a win is not authentic. It is only ethical to have athletes who do not use performance enhancing drugs.

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Many parents considered supplements essential in boosting wellness, minimizing stress, and reducing fatigue. Indeed this is the appropriate condition for learning, and supplements also boost ones mental ability. The most common supplement is omega-3 and this is an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid that boosts brain development and mental capabilities. Ascorbic acid improves mood and minimizes feelings of depression. Overall, these supplements are essential nutrients that are required by the body. Most nutritionists promote the increased consumption of these nutrients. They cannot be likened to performance enhancing drugs used in sports. Sport doping drugs abnormally increase strength and have severe health effects. Their consumption is highly discouraged by medical personnel. The adverse health effects include erratic mood, physical aggression and death.

Parents’ views on whether to give their children some supplements in order to boost their mental capabilities were very positive according to my research. “I think it is a good idea to practice academic doping I give my baby Adderal”. Students who take these boosters register excellent academic performance.

Anabolic Steroids used by athletes have long term adverse effects, but this is hardly considered by users in need of the short term effects. These effects include development of abnormal liver tumors, testicular atrophy, and breast tissue in males and secularizing effects in females which is characterized by increased body hair, deepening of voice. Other physiological effects associated with human growth hormones that athletes use include headache, enlargement of the adenoids with snoring and further growth of hands, feet and face. (Purcell, 2012)

Another harmful substance that athletes use is Erythropoietin (EPO) this stimulates bone marrow stem cells to produce red blood cells, which in turn transport oxygen from the lungs to all organs of the body, including the muscles and also enhances aerobic power. This is just the same as blood doping. The abuse of EPO raises the thickness of blood and red blood cells count which can actually have a very negative effect on people abusing for example certain blood diseases have been brought about by EPO. It is dangerous to use EPO repeatedly because it causes heart attack and stroke. (Bowers, 2012)

As much as athletes would want to impress their fans, they should consider fair game in the sense that they should just train well and win genuinely. The main reason as to why one who is practicing academic doping is not considered a “criminal” is the fact that academic doping like the usage of Ritalin only boosts the academic capability but does not interfere with the mass of the brain unlike steroids which have a direct effect on the bodily mass strength and power which is actually harmful.


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