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Good morning everyone? Before addressing the core reason for this meeting I would first wish to thank all of you for spearing your time and making thedecision of being present in this meeting. As you all know, it has become a public truth that the health standards are decreasing daily. I am sure each and every one of you has his own reason for this sudden situation. In other words, every one of us sitting here today has got his or her views in regard to this annoying situation. However, my learned friends we all know we cannot save this dying situation by pointing fingers at each other. This means that we must all put our heads together and try to point out the causes of the situations and the possible resolutions. However, since all of us cannot speak at the same time, I request you to kindly give me this time to share with you what is in my mind according to the research that I have done concerningthe reset change of things.

After taking keen attention at the current situation, I have realized that the main reason among many others is lack of commitment among medical specialist. All of you will bear me witness that the level of commitment to work for most of us has decreased greatly. By this, I mean from the senior most level to the lowest. To affirm what I am talking about, last month it was in the papers that three patients lost their lives in a hospital and the reason was that the doctor in charge that day assigned all his duties to his students and in fact he did not even show up in the hospital on that particular day. In other cases, some of us even report to work late hence, unconvincing the patients. As a result, no matter how much in my capacity as the chief quality assurance officer I may make noise and try to come up with new strategies, it will not work.



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Another important factor that we should look at is the issue of the rise in birth rate. I think it is high time we do something about this increase of population. In fact, according to the United Nations Population Division (UNPD) research, the population is likely to rise again, and in the next ten years, it will be double. In my point ofview,it is necessary to come to a point where we see this challenge like our obligation to control the population. At the same time, this is unhealthy to the women because it implies thatthey don’t have enough time to regain their good health. This is not only a health issue, but a national problem because thegreat rise in population poses other challenges to the nation such as food inadequacy.

Another great challenge that has emerged is the common strikes among medical specialist. As much as it is importantand it is everybody’s concern to earn large amount cash, it is of equal importance to put it in mind that the work we are doing is a life and death matter. All the same, I do not blame you for the strike and I will put in more effort to ensure that this matter is addressed to higher levels. However, I would really appreciate if we all take our work as serving the community and in so doing am sure that the cases of striking will be less.

Lack of funds to finance all activities is another issue that has put barrier to our performance hence, rendering this organization to look dormant though there are some of us who try their level best to make sure that all these run as planned. As a result, I and my team will see to it that we get more sources of finance so as to make sure that a lager percentage of the paper work will now be practical. How to go about this am not certain at the moment but I will inform you once we have a certain source.

The best and simplest way to deal with the issues pointed out and others that I might not have mentioned is toput efforts together both as an organization andas different agencies. Different agencies will need to go back to the drawing board and check in line with their memorandum whether they are meeting the core reason they were set up for. To start with, it is necessary for the Compliance Team Agency which was formed in 1999 to act as a watch dog to the organization workers,to check if in anyway it has diverted from the purpose that it is supposed to serve. Today, in my capacity as the Chief quality officer, I give you the mandate to take action on the workers in this organization who continuously don’t do their work as the terms put it.

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The other agency which was recently set up, two years ago, commonly known as Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP), is supposed to ensure that it has created community awareness and enabled people to know about healthy leaving styles. Though this organization has playeda great role and seen to it that the living standards of some people have greatly improved, it is still a matter of great concern to notice that in some areaspeople are still living in their 1990s where they ate with their hands, didn’t have toilets and manybehaviors which to many are uncouth and backward.

The National Association of Boards of pharmacy (NABP) is mandated to ensure that the necessary facilities required by different departments of the organization are availed to them. To make their work even more effective, this organization is trying up and down to ensure that they start to manufacture most of the products required in this organization. At the same time, a warning should go to all members of this particular agency who have the habit of selling these facilities to the public for their own selfish gain. It is for this reason that we have decided to closely follow all transactions that go on in this department.

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In the last one year, our main source of funds has been internal though at times the government comes in to help when the situation is a dying one and we really appreciate. However, it has proved impossible for our organization to grow farther without another source of funding. As a result, we are now considering going further and taking loans and grants from the banks and well wishers. It will be my joy to see this organization growing bigger.

In conclusion, I wish to remind all of us the mission of this organization and what we are anticipating in the next ten years. The core reason for the formation of this organization was to serve the community at a closer level and better than any other organization. Today as I stand in front of you, I can assure you that part of the mission is accomplished because our organization is known countrywide for the services it has been offering so far. All the same, I wish to remind you that our vision is to grow even internationally.


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