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Free «Hip Hop in the USA and China» Essay Sample

Hip hop is a popular artistic subculture that originated in the USA. In China, hip hop has become a popular movement. Hip hop has significantly changed lives of many people in China and has become their way of expression. The introduction of new communication modes, migration and the use of Internet technologies have facilitated the wide spread of hip hop in China. The popularity of hip hop culture in China is caused by economic and social reforms introduced by the Chinese government, which opened doors to globalization and western culture. Data will be collected from hip hop supporters from the Lancaster club in the United Kingdom by means of a semi-structured questionnaire interview. This will help to determine the supporters ‘and the non-supporter’ views on hip hop fashion, dance and music in China. Hip hop is particularly popular with Chinese youth. The majority of young people consider that hip hop music is their means of expressing their feelings as to Whether hip hop culture has a positive or negative influence on Chinese youth is one of the most debatable issues in the country. This paper will explore the effects of hip hop culture in China and what impacts it has on Chinese youth.



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Hip hop is a musical form which originated in the Jamaican-American and African-American societies of the early 1970s. Since its emergence as a musical form, it has been widely accepted by a large number of countries, China being one of them. Definitely, hip hop has led to numerous changes in China. It has impacted the country socially and culturally, which has been considered to impact the country positively. This is because hip hop has merged into traditional Chinese culture (Edgar & Sedgwick 2005). This paper explores the impacts of hip hop culture on Chinese youths (The Associated Press 2002), which begins with issues concerning the language used, the behaviors of hip hop stars and supporters, and the dressing code which is commonly used by hip hop singers and supporters.

The modern media have greatly contributed to the popularity of hip hop music in society through introduction of a great variety of images, which have portrayed hip hop culture in a number of different spheres including dance, fashion, and music (Lachut 2009). This has explained the reason as to why the majority of hip hop followers are young people. This happens because the youth are more open to new cultural changes and tend to adopt them easily and readily (Rubin & Melnick 2001). Hip hop has been widely spread in China and the majority of countries throughout the world. This fact enables the researcher to focus on the discussed issue in media and cultural studies, since it is about the impact of hip hop and how it has influenced traditional culture of China and why the Chinese youth tend to so rapidly absorb this new western culture (Pang 2004).

The critics of hip hop culture have concentrated very much on negative aspects of this cultural movement ignoring some possible positive aspects, which can also come about as a result of the hip hop culture adoption. Young people who will be interviewed for this study will provide their opinions on hip hop culture and its positive or negative influence on the country and its authentic culture.

The main objective and purpose of this quantitative research design will be to apply descriptive and correlational techniques in a non-experimental form to explore how hip hop has been adopted by the young generation in China. It will consider ethical issues that have arisen due to the widespread popularity of hip hop culture in China and its significant influence on the Chinese youth.

This study is very important because it considers the issue that has attracted attention of a great number of media and cultural analysts. This study will analyze the changes hip hop culture has caused in different spheres of life in China.

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The main research questions of this study are:

  1. What are the positive and the negative impacts of hip hop in China?
  2. Has western popular culture through the introduction of hip hop music in China changed the cultural background of the country?

The dissertation has the following structure:

Chapter 1: This is the first chapter of the study, and it aims to provide an overview of the entire paper. It introduces the topic of the research and explains the aims and objectives as well as the value of the research.

Chapter 2: The second chapter is a Literature Review. The ideas developed and the research carried out by academic scholars on the topic of this study will be reviewed in this chapter.

Chapter 3: Chapter Three is Methodology: This chapter explains the type of the research design, data collection and methodology of the research.

Chapter 4: Chapter Four includes findings and results that have been got after the conduction of the survey.

Chapter 5: Analysis of the findings: The collected data are analyzed and the results provided in the previous part are discussed in this chapter.

Chapter 6: Conclusions and Limitations: This is the last chapter of the research, and it will discuss the conclusions drawn from the study. It will also provide implications and recommendations for future research.

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