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Punk rock refers to a rock music genre that developed in the 1970s. It emerged in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Hard-edged music, short lyrics and stripped-down instruments characterizes the music and it normally addressed political issues affecting the people. The punk bands had to produce self-recordings, which were distributed through informal channels. The music depicted youthful rebellion, and it was characterized by their distractive styles of clothing and fashion. In the 1980s, the genre had become more aggressive by adapting the styles such as hardcore. The musicians associated with this type of music have been involved in other variations, to modify the music into alternative movements. The music has become more popular in the world today, and people use it for entertainment while the artists use it to convey messages to the society.

The main aim of this kind of music was to involve the modern styles to make it different from the other types of music that existed before it. The music style, in its initial stages, were more innovative and exciting compared to other genres of music that existed. The music arose because the fans felt that rock music had become tame, as some individuals had endorsed it just to be associated with it (Cooper).



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Punk music history has a prized technical accessibility, which stood up in the early days to mark the contrast that the people in the scene regarded ostentatious. The genre was viewed as used by those people who lacked knowledge in music, but they had to express themselves using the same (Dorston). Through punk rock, the singers and fans enjoyed their freedom because they freely expressed their feelings about a certain issue affecting them. However, in some cases, the music was used to provoke the fans to go against the rule of law indicating that they had the freedom to do so. (Cooper).

The musical and lyrical elements of the genre emulate the early musical structures of the garage rock music. The instruments involved in the music include guitars, drums, and vocals. They are performed for a short period such as two minutes, and the lyrics of the music are normally shouted instead of being sung as the other genres ("Punk Rock in the UK"). The music comprises of frank and convectional lyrics, which frequently comments on the social and political issues affecting the society. The music targets to address an issue that is affecting the people or educate people on how they should handle certain issues in society.

The clothes adorned by punk fans distinguish them from other rock fanatics. For instance, in the US, T-shirts that portray pictures of their favorite musicians characterize the fans, and they favor spotted jeans with many pictures ("PunkRock.org"). However, the other rock musicians have emulated this characteristic. The punk musicians and fans have added tattoos and piercing to the fashion associated with the music. There are also specific haircuts being used by the musicians and the fans, to differentiate themselves from other rock genres. For instance, they have taken up the Mohawk hairstyle. (Cooper).

The fan base differs in the way that they use heavy metals, which has stayed longer than the other rock genres. The fan base of the punk music comprises of young, white and male members. The fan base has codes of dressing, appearance and behavior. The fans have identified themselves as different from others by establishing a website so that they share their views on emerging issues ("Sex Pistol Tribute Site").

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The punk fans are different from the other rock fans in the way that they established themselves. There are styles associated with the punk fanatics that include their different types of hairstyles maintained by different aspects of color, styles and cuts (Cooper). For instance, color is the most prominent factor that the punk fans take into consideration. The punk fans’ hairstyle always has different combinations of colors that were vibrant, and they are normally fast colors so that they can be conspicuous (Dorston). The colors look attractive, as the punk style is normally associated with a radical hair coloring that is chosen for each type of the punk hairstyle.

The cut is the other main factor that is associated with the hairstyle of Punk rock, and different cuts characterize the fans of the genre. The punk cuts are common with the teenagers associated with the music. The other factor that is common with the genre is the styles that include the Mohawk style and the flyaway look, which has made the fans of the music flourish all over the world (Dorston). The styles that the genre employs differ from the other genres because they are more radical compared to the other genres. The fans are more creative in coming up with new styles of dancing and they improve their music daily.

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In conclusion, punk rock music has been used to convey messages, and as it seeks to address the social and political issues affecting the society. The genre fan base has been associated with different styles of dressing and hairstyles, to make them distinct from other fans of rock (Cooper). The clothes worn by the fans contain pictures of the punk rock stars. Their hairstyles are different from other rock fans as they are conspicuous. The genre is closely identified with young male members of the society. The lyrics are usually shouted, and the music makes use of heavy metal (Dorston).


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