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Known by his stage name Jay Sean, Kamaljit Singh Jhooti is a British musician who has been acknowledged globally for his top hit music. He debuted in the year 2003 in the UK’s Asian underground music scene as a participant of the Rishi Richi Project. Generally, among listeners and music industry workers, his exemplary music is recognized through his independent record producing perspective, Jayded Records. Jay Sean is not only a record or song producer but also a songwriter in the R’n’B music genre, which makes him the best in his generation. Also, he is a renounced rapper and beatboxer; this led him to being recognized by large music labels such as Virgin Records with which he signed in 2004.

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During his music career, Jay Sean produced a number of albums with over eight tracks in them. His first album was produced in the year 2004 and is known as Me Against Myself which made him famous all around the world. This particular album earned him fame worldwide and according to the research conducted in the year 2005 by one of leading music news paper in Europe, music star newspaper it was discovered that he was able to raise millions of US dollars from the sales of this particular album.

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In 2008, he released My Own Way;by the start of the 2009 music year, he produced another album calledAll or Nothing.This made him sign with the biggest music labels in the scene such as Cash Money Records founded by his music counterparts Birdman and Lil Wayne. Soon after joining Cash Money Records, he released the albums Freeze Time and The Mistress. Both of them made a hit and boosted him to the level of such American music icons as Pitbull and Sean Paul. Finally, his latest album So High was released in 2012. Its howling success proves that Jean Sean is a top notch musician.

The album Freeze Time made him really famous in the R’n’B genre which is extremely popular today due to such stars as Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Usher and others. Freeze Time album was produced under the Cash Money Records label. The release was a bit delayed due to legal matters on the part of both the producers and the managers. However, at the end of 2011, the album comprised of eight tracks was released.

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 Although being much delayed, the album proved a success. Its singles topped the charts for a long period of time.

As Jay Sean puts it, the name of the album speaks for itself: the life of every person is full of moments, which he or she wants to keep in memory forever, or to freeze. The album is comprised ofeight tracks including the singles which were technically released before the album itself. The first track to be released was Hit The Lights which topped several billboards of the world. It made the introduction into the year of 2012 and had a high level of recognition throughout the nation. The second track in the album is Like This Like That which did not do badly as compared to other R’n’B compositions. Break Ya Back,Home and Do It For Uare also among the best tracks in the album. As to the song Freeze Time, it is the high point of the same-name album.

Finally, the last two tracks in the album are Yalla Asian and 2012 tracks which made the album Freeze Time successful. Jay Sean still remains the best singer and composer that the world has ever seen in this 21st century. He remains role model to many upcoming young artists due to his dedication to music industry. His music not only entertains people but also put across encouragement messages on how we should live with unit, peace and liberty.

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