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Tuva is described as a society that lived in the remote areas of the Shamanic world. It is also said that they shared and supported a common goal. The Tuvan society brings to our attention the lifestyle of great music and storytelling as being part of the life of the people. Some of the roles of these Tuvan singers are described in the subsequent section of this paper.

The first function is that they had the ability to call on the spirits. Whenever they sat down and wanted to tell their stories, they would call on the spirits to give them guidance during the story-telling session. While narrating the tales to them, they would take pleasure on travelling with their listeners on an interactive journey. There were also few female storytellers whose tales not only majored in the sexual themes but also described the traditional ceremonies.

The Tuvan people have the ability to attract and deal with dangerous spirits. It is the role of the musician to moderate and make the Tuva less dangerous for those people who would normally feel like avoiding the interaction with the Tuvan people. Musicians and storytellers are said to be a bit friendly in nature than the other Tuvan thereby helping to regulate spiritual experiences to the level of the human beings.

The singers were also very important in the event that the Tuvan people wanted to go hunting.  The hunters would travel with at least a musician who in turn would use his musical artistry to call on the spirits who were to help the hunters have a successful day in the field. The spirits liked to hear their names being called especially in music and when this happened; they would come to the aid of the hunters  but the problem that loomed on the singer is that if he proved to be so good in the singing art, the that particular spirit may decide to take him away forever.

Music is a very vital organ in the storytelling as it is said to give assistance in the healing process and also maintain the health of both the individuals and the community at large as it formed a larger part of their cultural and spiritual well being. Music also provided the prestige and brought out the activities that the people engaged in.

Story tellers in the Tuva believed that a good music could be used as a means of transport as it could take a person back into childhood to experience things that are long in the past. Music can make you see and feel the places that the musician is describing in the song as it is believed to open the inner eye and heart of the musicians and the audience.

Music could also be used to resurrect the dead and also for effective communication with the people. Music becomes a good mode of communication because unlike the spoken words, it eliminates the chances of boredom in listeners.

Tuvan musicologist Valentina Suzukei explains that a bridge exists on the sound wavesthat connects the people and spirits from one world with those in another and in music also exits a tunnel through which people can communicate with the spirits from the next world. The sound world a tunnel opens through which we can pass-or the shaman spirit comes to us. When you stop playing the drum temir-khomus (jaw harp) the bridge might as well disappears.The rhythm and the timbre of musical sound alike help heal the patient through the effects of specific frequencies and musical styles on the human body.


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