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Chopin Music can be traced back to 2004 when it was launched as a resource as well as network. The purpose of Chopin Music was to offer an environment for educational incentives that is characterized with both scholarly discussion and in depth analysis of the content. But how does Chopin Music influence romanticism? The paper tries to elaborate the given factors that indicate that the music indeed influences romanticism and will as well try to relate Chopin’s music to the novel: The Lady of Camilias. It is worth noting that Chopin Music involves music from a variety of sections that include love songs, night songs, Polish dances as well as those that are romantic in nature.

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Chopin Music that influences Romanticism

Chopin invented ballade for a variety of reasons which can be associated with the feeling of romantic presence. For instance, his intention for inventing ballade was to act as a form of communicating emotions that were deep within and which could hardly be expressed. In listening to ballade, we experience a sense of sweet aroma that is accompanied with lyrical melody that expresses a sense of love (Chopin Music, 2009). In the background, one begins to sense a feeling of being lonely and abandoned and desires to be loved. It is an invitation that invites the audience into seeking love so as to be consoled with the loneliness that is presented.

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The first composition of ballade ends with a chilling chromatic passage that greatly uplifts any individual who is listening. The third dedication of ballade that was directed to Mademoiselle Pauline de Noailles is composed of charm and warmth, and an indication of utmost elegance. The fourth ballade was composed for Madame la Baronne C. Nathaniel de Rotschild and is a great composure of romantic lyrics (Chopin Music, 2009). This composition tends to have a sense of romantic communion that is highly intensified. In his composition to Madame la Baronne, Chopin tends to bring out an orientation of intimate feeling of intimacy, a sense of love and the vigour to love back in return.

Chopin uses the piano as a way of expressing his emotions and feelings which can never be expressed with words. This is true in Piano Concerto No. 1 in E Minor, Op.11 where he employs three movements that comprises of Allegro maestoso which is an indication of a majestic statement (Chopin Music, 2009). He then uplifts his audience with the second movement that is Larghetto which is a charming nocturne that brings the sense of romantic feeling. In listening to the music, it is easier for a person to express willingly in terms of ecletic, bold as well as an innovative way of sending a romantic note. Expressing harmony in a diverse way, Chopin uses his creativity to send an environment of peace to those seeking a romantic experience.

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Relating Chopin to the Lady of Camellias

In ballade, Chopin tries to send out a love message to the audience who are listening. The same applies to the Lady of Camellias where we witness a love story between two people, Armand Duval and Marguerite Gautier. Just like Chopin tries to express the inner feeling of how he felt in composing the piece, Duval narrates the love story from his point of view. The message is clear in the Lady of Camellias of how the two characters fall in love with each other. In the same breath that Chopin tries to convince the listener to have a romantic feeling. Duval also tries to convince Marguerite in falling in love with her. He does this by suggesting that she should live behind her past way of life and start a new journey with her (Dumas et al, 2004). Is this the same case with Chopin Music? Of course it is when, he uses the music to convince the listener that the feeling is real and so a new beginning should take place.

The story of the Lady of Camellia is a love episode, an indication that a lot of sacrifice is involved in falling in love. The sacrifice in this case involves the idea that both Duval and Marguerite had encountered a feeling of loneliness before they met each other. The same picture is painted by Chopin in his music when he starts off with a slow tone that signifies rejection and yearning for something special (Dumas et al, 2004). In deed both results in the final episode where the listener gets satisfied with the presentation while Duval and Marguerite fall in love with each other.

In Conclusion, it is worth stating that both Chopin Music and with specific reference to ballade is a way through which music can be sued to arouse the feeling of romance and the longing to be loved in return. On the other hand, Duval expresses how he felt a feeling of suffering and the need to love in return. The final results are that love is felt in a romantic way where both parties feel that they are satisfied in what they have been longing for. 

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