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According to Martin (p77) there are various technological importance and significance that technological factors in presentations or discussions of Progressive rock music have had in rock music. For instance, the technological factors experienced in the late 1960s and early years of the 70s played a significant role in evolving rock music. As cited in the journal Education and Society (p11) this major step in the music industry was majorly as a result of British efforts in elevating artistic levels of rock music. During this period, progressive bands of rock music pushed compositional and technical levels by extending into other areas beyond established boundaries of rock presentations. For instance, with technological advancement progressive rock music ventured into presenting established the use of concept albums that contained unified statements. Eaton (p34) cited that through technological development this musical rock presentation could be used to tell an epic narration and might even be used to address overarching issues.

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The important technological factors in presentations or discussions of Progressive rock music have adversely improved music. For instance technological development of the 1960 also played significant roles in discussions. These discussions would help in various contemporary arguments within the many cultures Inglis (P45). The technological development helped to bridge the gap between them while on the other hand in served as a point of difference within the older generation and the young.  It also served as an exodus from the old ways into modern practices within cultures.

Factors in presentations or discussions of Progressive rock music have adversely improved music. For instance, the technological progression established new ways of dance, chorus pattern of rock and roll into free-form oriented song forms. Importantly the technological progression led to incorporation of elements from Indian as well as Indian origins. During the advent and introduction of this technological progression was the principle of free-form of jazz music which included psychedelic composition and sound that emphasizes spontaneous sensations in well versed compositions.

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Blake, Dolland and Hall (p62) observe that the technological factors in presentations or discussions of progressive rock music have adversely improved music. During this technological progression empirical undertakings were done in set up studios by electronically converting or altering voices and instruments. This new technological progression in rock music also led to distinctive and aggressive expressions therefore improving rock performances. In the 1960, as a matter of technological development rockers continued to develop wide ranges of contemporary inspirational rock music that had varied impact on society.  This was majorly because rock underwent significant advances by incorporating compositions from different ethnicities.   As the popularity of rock hit the 1970 and also in the early 1980 there were neo-progressive groups that continued to showcase in the preceding years.

Form: According to Inglis (p59) rockers of rock music composed songs that had structures of blur distinction through extending portions of interlude, verse-chorus-bridge with amplified dynamics to increase contrast between parts. Through the use of technological progression in rock music, classical forms were often substituted or involved therefore giving up whole suites and thus building on earlier traditional rock performances.  At the same time, through this technological progression rock songs extended instrumental passages therefore taking over classical solo and thereby giving it a longer period that could stretch to 20 minutes.

Instrumentation and color: Technological progression in rock expanded the use of timbral like the guitar, bass, organ and drums through adding more typical instruments of jazz or even folk music. Blake, Dolland and Hall (p55) opine that these additional instruments included flute, saxophone and violin, electric keyboard and other synthesizers that had electronic effects.

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Rhythm: Due to technological progression, rock artists explored time signatures besides the 4/4 and tempo changes. Through technological advancement, rock music performers and composers generally tended to be freer in their approach than other kinds of rock music.  Depending on the band, the regular range of beats varied according to the irregular or complex time signatures that composers applied.

Melody and Harmony: Melodies of rock music changed drastically as a result of technological progression. For instance, though it is supplanted by jazz and classical influences the scale is based on pentatonic. Chords and chord progression might be mixed with compound intervals of 6ths 7ths and 9ths.

Texture and Imagery: Blake, Dolland and Hall (p87) cite that due to technological progression ambient sound and theatrical fundamentals are used to reflect events, scenes or other sceneries of the concept. For instance, Leitmotif is applied to portray the numerous characters in Genesis’ “Robbery, Assault and Battery’ and Harold the Barrel’. The sound of clocks and cash registers are applied to symbolize time and money in ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ by Pink Floyd.

As observed by Eaton (p46) it is during the 1980s that rock music underwent another progression by the introduction of ‘Punk Movement’ this development started to shape up in the late 1970s and continued to flourish in the early 80s. Through punk music, technological progression gave rise to a quiet wave that reduced to what is referred to as the neo progressive. This is a simpler and soft form of symphonic that is made up of drum beat.


In conclusion it is important to note that technological factors in presentations or discussions of progressive rock music have significantly improved music. For example, technology has been extensively applied to help in timbral progressive and exploration of rock music by using adaptors of new electronic musical instruments and technologies. Progressive rock music lyrics and themes also tend to have lyrical wide range of approaches in its musical ambition thereby tending to avoid subjects like dancing and love. However, it touches on matters with the approach of folklore, fantasy, classical literature and social commentary and on other occasions all these.

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