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New Testament consists of 27 books, which are divided into several groups: four gospels, historical book of Acts, Pauline epistles, Pastoral Epistles, general epistles, and apocalyptic book of revelation. For this assignment, I have chosen gospel of Luke, Acts, 1 Corinthians, James, and Revelation.

The Gospel of Luke is considered the most precise and accurate gospel as Luke was a doctor and treated his mission of writing very carefully. The basis of the book is life and preaches of Jesus Christ. The main purpose is describing the sacrifice of the Son of God. Key personalities are Jesus and His disciples. Major events include birth of Jesus, His childhood, temptation in the desert, healings, parables, teaching people, His arrest, trial, crucifixion, resurrection, and appearance to His followers. The most important issues are sin, repentance, righteous life, sincerity, faithfulness, love to the neighbor and God.

The book of Acts is a historical book. It depicts the life of apostles and other believers after the death of Jesus Christ. The key purpose is describing the spreading of the gospel among both Jewish and non-Jewish people. The major personalities include Paul, Peter, Stephen, Philip, and Barnabas. Among the most important events, one can distinguish missionary trips to Antioch, Syria, Asia, Thessalonica, Athens, Ephesus, Corinth, Troas, Miletus, Macedonia, Greece, Malta, and Rome. The book of Acts also describes the hard life of apostles, their persecutions, and difficulties during preaching about Jesus. Major issues are faith, trust to the Lord, and great devotion to serving Him.

The epistle to Corinthians was written by Paul to support the church in Corinth that had faced many problems. The key purpose is an understanding of God’s wisdom, union in Christ, recognition of one’s sins, noticing wickedness in the church, and amending it. This epistle has no vivid plot for it contains advice about proper behavior of believers in the church. The main issue is perfect love and mercy of Jesus. Among other concerns, one can name wisdom, idolatry, bragging, separation in the church, adultery, living according God’s will, freedom in Christ, and gifts of Holy Spirit.

The epistle of James tells readers how to live as a real Christian. The author describes the difference between true and false riches, explains the importance of being firm in faith, obeying, and listening to the Lord, worshiping in the right way, and loving all people. James demonstrates the difference between faith with good deeds and without them. He underlines the great power of words and encourages people to be careful and control what they say. Among other issues are true wisdom, devotion and trust to God, patience and the power of prayer.

The last book of the Bible is Revelation. It belongs to apocalyptic genre. The main theme is the victory of Christ over the evil. The first part contains Jesus’ messages to the Churches in Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. In the next part, John describes his vision of heaven, seven seals, seven angels, and scrolls. Then he describes the two beasts and three angels. The last part is dedicated to the theme of heaven, last days, and New Jerusalem. The main concerns are awareness of the second coming of Christ and being a true believer to continue life in heaven with God.

In conclusion, the gospel of Luke describes precisely the life and deeds of Jesus. The book of Acts depicts missionary activities of apostles. Epistle to Corinthians teaches how to build church acceptable before God. James warns people about true faith, good deeds, right worship, and carefulness with words; Revelation shows the predictions about the last days and life in heaven.


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