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1. What role do you see 'reason' as having in aesthetic appreciation?

Reason according to Hume is subordinate to our interests this means that individuals uses reasoning to further his interests so as to solve any conflict. Using reason for aesthetic appreciation is however different in that it is now directed towards pleasure. This is not done towards a worthy course or a means to an end but as a pass time. Reasoning in aesthetic appreciation can be seen as a means to appreciate the beauty of life; though this is insatiable the appreciation will help in identifying unique experiences that help relate to life.

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Reasoning also help to identify a person's tastes and likes since at many times the aesthetic reasoning will only apply to people's mentality for things that please and excite him/her. In view of the fact that aesthetic reasoning is immediate then individuals are able to attach themselves to different practices since they reason that they are good for them or find them attractive. This can lead to individuals liking different practices since their reason towards the practices are positive. The reasoning therefore determines one play, friends, investment activities and dressing when they find such things attractive. They make an end in this since they determine the fashion, trends and directions an individual follows in the daily life activities.

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Reasoning also gives society a direction and a sense of identity. This can be observed when societies are found to follow certain norms, cultures, and tradition that are of interest. This also applies to modern societies that have adopted different trends of norms that are deemed civilized and interests them. Society through reasoning acquires a sixth sense where there is meaning and identity.

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Aesthetic reasoning also plays a role in relating to experiences where individuals normally narrate pleasant experiences they have witnessed due to their attachment to it. The seeing may be stronger than the telling but even though those told of the experience will still want to find out on their own and have a taste of the experience.

2. Do you believe aesthetic appreciation is 'an end in itself? Explain your answer.

Aesthetic appreciation is 'an end in itself. This is firstly explained by the fact that they are not a means to an end. Aesthetic experiences can never determine the means to an end that is they will not be involved in the work to reach the end but they are the end. This is because individuals will work hard just to fulfill their desires that they reason to be important. For instance one will earn money through going to work which are the means but end up buying a new car which pleases him or her which is the end.

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The workers just labor at all times to provide for their wants where most of the needs are just dictated by aesthetic appreciation. This includes eating, wearing, drinking and enjoying. Another example is where individuals work hard to go to holidays; people will never go to holidays in destinations that are not aesthetic to their reasoning but they prefer areas that are attractive to them; this makes it an end. Most of life's needs are controlled by what one finds aesthetically attractive and this makes him or her to apply all means to the end.

This justifies that aesthetic appreciations are in themselves an end. The reasoning also does not have a purpose in that it does not serve any other end. This is true because once it is satisfied then the individual is satisfied but at times the individual must repeat the same rather than progressing.

3. Give three examples of a 'disinterested' aesthetic experience. Then show how each of the three could equally be described as being an 'interested' experience.

'Disinterested' aesthetic experience is the event where an individual takes pleasure just by seeing something in that the individual just interests in it for its own sake. For example eating for hunger; revising for an exam; and working to buy a car. The three become an experience through being common sense to the society and where persons desire to be like the other.

Eating for hunger may be a means to the end which is also a basic need. In saying that the person is disinterested can be a misconception in that the person lives to eat rather than eats to live. The former is not true in that the experience of eating will not just come from aesthetic reasoning but rather the desire to fulfill a need. There is also the aspect of not eating to sustain oneself but rather to be like someone else or eat what other people eat; this translates to an interest experience.

Revising for an exam can be turned to an 'interested' experience in that the revising may not just be subjected to passing the exam but rather the future of the person. The person is interested in living a brighter future just like someone else which means the exams are of interest to him. This experience of enjoying life in a better position and attaining a better social life just like someone else drives the individual to revise for the exam.

In working to buy a car may be driven by the experience to have a new social status. The car is a social status symbol and not only a car but a presentable one. This experience propels the individual to work even to extra hours to fulfill the experience. The person cannot say that he or she is working to buy a car but he or she can neglect other secondary needs to quench the interest experience that he saw in the car that he or she admired.

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