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How can be proved the postulate of Buddhism that everything is impermanent? There is no doubt that all is changing every moment: there is nothing stable in the world except nude names. For example, some quantity of some person’s body cells die every minute – and in lieu of them appear another, new cells. After some period that body will consist of new cells: de facto it will be new, but de jure it will be called by old name. So change all states: childhood and youth, health and power – all goes away with some time. It seems evident, but there is one interesting argument against the teaching about the total impermanence. All is changing, but this moving has it’s stable, eternal rules and no progress or regress, no change can exist out of the borders of the borders of these natural laws. Also, despite of all changes of some object, it’s name will stay safe – as in mentioned example with the human body. Names exist even before and after being of named objects and always are some parts of permanent, stable world.

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One of the main features of Chinese Religions is importance of Harmony. Taoists, for example, consider, that Universe is created of two equal parts: opposite forces, named yin and yang (respectively passive and active) and one must balance another. Either yin or yang force can be good for human being if it is balanced by another one, but also transforms to evil energy when the balance is broken. Certainly, there are many examples of such unity in everyday life: from balance of internal and external pressure in human body to common life of husbands with different characters. This dialectic unity also can be represented by the mentioned example of stable rules (yin) of changing (yang).

To live in Harmony with Universe Chinese teachers advice to believe in Tao (the Way). For this everyone must cast aside all ignorance and, firstly, know himself, secondly – another people. Wise man must forgive mistakes to not do new mistakes. He does not help lazy people, because such help leads to regress. All this advices can be combined in one: wise man understands the rules of world changing and live on the island of stableness.

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