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The article emphasizes on the importance of science and technology. The author does a great job of associating science with warfare. He proposes the application of science in warfare. This involves the development of new arsenal, techniques and procedures of war. Scientific methods of fighting would reduce physical damages and risks involved when a country goes to war. Operations would change from manual to digital thus making them efficient and effective. Science would also reduce costs incurred during war. This is because time would be well managed and several manual operations would be replaced by single equipment.

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The adoption of science is fueled by the need to reduce bulkiness, unnecessary details and confusing in operations (Bush, 2). For instance, the size of encyclopedia would be reduced to a single file or an internet page. The society is set to benefit from efficiency, accuracy, effectiveness and time management. The future internet usage in the society will change the way of life. Education and business will be enhanced through internet usage. Academic and developmental research will become convenient and result oriented. The future society will live healthy as a result of science application.

This article detailed its emphasis on social, economic and technological development. It helped the society understand the importance of science in daily life. Science enables historians to follow trails effectively thus identifying the human lineage. It is now easier to understand the history of mankind and account for past events (Bush, 6). The economy has been improved with the advancement of technology. Operations have been made effective and efficient thus enhancing the means of doing business. Science cuts down the costs while increasing production. This leads to increased profitability and hence economic growth. The article leads the society in a gradual change as far as operations are concerned. It sought to transform the society from traditional manual operations to modern technology-oriented operations.

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