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This film depicts the political climate in Russia after the Bolshevik revolution. The director took the film shooting on a snowy, harsh landscape of Russia. The snowy and rough landscape symbolizes the lack of life or the tough life experienced after the revolution. Most scenes covering Lara and Zhivago’s service during the World War I took place in Soria as Varykino estate (Lean). In the movie, different scenes are shot in different backgrounds to bring out the themes. Some scenes about marching in the film appeared in red banners symbolizing quest for life, others appeared in gray symbolizing peace. The scenes that have enough light symbolize the hope that people will have after the revolution (Ebrat). The shot of the war and determination of the solders to keep their vow is evident when the solders die because of getting frozen in the cold ice, cracking of the ice under their boots, and their shivering in the cold weather (Ebrat). These scenes reveal the humanity and patriotism at its best. The choice of the scene is relevant to the climate under which the political turmoil occurred in Russia.

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Who controls the power (state, non-state groups and people) in the film and are they resisted? Why and how?

The novel unfolds a significant political climate, which entails many political events associated with the overthrowing of the Russian government by the Bolshevik revolution in the fall that took place in 1917. The Bolshevik represent an extremist faction in the Russian communist party. They took governmental control ushering in the age of Soviet unity. The other name for the movement is the October Revolution since the event took place in the month of October 25. This was the time when the Russians entered into World War I and many of its citizens faces immense hardships because of fuel and food shortage. At this point, the country lost hope in winning the war such that they could not send their young men into war any longer. The new soviet government is in control and their power brought so much oppression in the lives of many individuals.

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The new soviet government took control and contributed to many changes. The soviet censors who were antagonist to the communism, condemned the poems written by Yuri. It is at that point that Yuri and his family tries to escape by the help of Yevgraf to an estate called Gromeko located at Varykino at the Ural Mountains (Ebrat). Yuri went through a tensing interview done by Strelnikov but later a guard informed him that any person interview by Strelnikov must be shot. This is because the man is harsh and inhuman. Lara goes to live in Yuriatin town, which is ruled and controlled by the white army which is anti-communist. Yuri experienced harsh control from the communist partisans who abducted him and conscripted him to work. Both Lara and Yuri are in trouble with CHEKA because of their personal decisions and actions, which were contrary to its expectations and provision. Lara married commissar Strelnikov who had lost favor with the Soviet government while Yuri had written some counter-revolutionary poems. Some men are in control as far as the lives of some women are concerned. Komorovsky controls Lara’s sexual life because of an illicit affair that she had in her past. When he discovered that Lara was about to marry Pasha, he tried to dissuade her, but after a long argument, he raped her revenge (Ebrat).

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How power is exercised between the groups in vying for it

The film reveals Russian revolution as an ideological struggle because it forces both the old and the young people to align themselves completely to its laws or risk being at risk of extermination. Yuri is an individual who tried to express his beliefs, values, and emotions through poetry but was in trouble with CHEKA. He knows many writer parrots ideal heard from elsewhere but he is determined to take control. He managed to kill a few white solders. CHEKA as a political group is oppressive, manipulative and instills fear in the lives of people as a way to gain control and get them on their side. Many individuals like Strelnikov, wanted to be in control. There is the theme of conflict in the lives of the young persons. They are torn between following the old life of the Bolsheviks versus embracing the new life of the Soviets. The Soviet Russia had a Communist way of life but the rich always had a way of manipulating the poor. The less-endowed are often coerced to join the army or express patriotism while the rich operate from the commanding points or stay behind the curtains of war and mutilation.

How this film is situated in time and space (released in 1965, what would you expect might be different if the film was released in more contemporary times?

This film was shot in the years 1965 where technology in terms of filming was not advanced. As a result, many of the techniques used that time have developed such that today if the same scenes were to be shot there could be a big difference. The characters traits and language used in the film would be different because language especially war language changes with time. Political issue have changed today such that if the film was to be shot in the years after the second millennium, the weapon of war would be different especially the type of guns used in the film. Today many people are using silencer gun to kill as compared to those days. The lighting, cameras used to film could also be different because the audience expects modern and clear pictures.

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