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Richard Ramirez, also known as the Night Stalker, was born in El Paso, Texas, the United States, on the 29th of February 1960. He is an American with Mexican origin. In a family of five, he was the last born child of Mercedes and Julian Ramirez. He had three brothers and two sisters. Ricardo’s father was really abusive to the children. When he was two years old, Richard had an unusually severe head injury which was not properly treated. Richards’ injuries were caused by the father after beating him with a hammer until he bled. He regularly attended Catholic Church with his mother and sisters.

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Offender’s Characteristics

After reaching the ninth grade, Ramirez stopped going to school. This fact proves that his level of education was poor, or low. He started using drugs at a remarkably early age, which sometimes ruins many cells in the brain. Richards’s father also reported that Richard was a good kid, but the use of drugs changed him. He was introduced to the world of drugs by his cousin and was inspired to use marijuana (Carlo, 1996). Thereafter, his cousin named Mike influenced him to become a murderer. He witnessed Mike killing his wife, and this was the turning point to his life of the evil. Mike was a Vietnam vet with mental problems due to the Vietnamese War. Mike boosted of killing and torturing of some of the Vietnamese enemies and also spoke of his memories of killings and torture that was going on when he was still active. The memories were related to Richard at the age of 13 years. Furthermore, his cousin proved that with pictures of his victims, Richard became fascinated after that his victim’s pictures and the ones who were tortured and then killed.

According to Richard, he believed and also imagined that he was Satan’s child. Consequently, Richard chooses life of crime and stealing money so as to pay for his drugs. In 1976, at the age of 16, Richard was arrested for breaking into a hotel room where he was working as a part-time employee. He then raped a woman at his workplace; he was released thereafter after the judge believed that the woman lured him in the hotel room for sex. In 1978, when he was 18 years old, Richard left El Paso to Los Angeles; he started raping and killing people. In some cases, Richard was known as an accomplished burglar. The more Richard engaged in his acts of taking drugs, the more intense urge he had in committing the crimes.

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Richard used a special technique to kill his victims. First, he would kill a husband or a man in the house. Thereafter, he could focus his attention on a wife or some woman. He did not distract but just focused on raping and also killing of a wife, or lady/woman. At times, Richard killed victims the way he felt like doing it. He used a machete, gun, hammer, knife, tire iron or any of the blunt objects that he could get and use for the kill.

It is with no doubt that Richard Ramirez, like the most potential serial killers, fed off with the memory of the first victim of his acts; he relived the rape experience and the murder over and over in his memory and mind. If Richard had taken a souvenir as referred to by the criminal profilers as the hair brush, eyeglasses, underwear, or any object that intimately connects with victims, he may have used all this for the stoke and his recollections thus assisting him to elaborate his fantasy (Kohut, 2007). Eventually, his mental re-enactment of the initial crime would not be as satisfying as it was at once. The killer required new experience in replenish of his fantasy. For a certain period, he tried controlling himself. However, the pressure within him mounted and, eventually, he was to give in the compulsion and do it one more time.

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It was in 1985 when Ramirez committed his murder spree in the midst of satanic panics sweeping over the country all throughout the decade. The anxiety over evil and Satanists conspiracies also mounted on cultural scale; also, people’s narrative in the therapy on the ritual abuses and by the secret satanic rings was showing many common elements with no violence. The whole masses of people developed a remarkably similar and physical symptom which is primarily emotional according to the origin and the ritual abuse being promoted heavily by the journalists, physicians, therapists and drug companies with whomever else may be found in some stake in them.

Most of serial killers adopted satanic robes. During the decade, Robert Berdella killed six men for satanic purposes; also, four women were killed by Antone Costa for Cod rituals. Moreover, there were 47 sacrifices for satanic sacrifices as admitted by Creech Thomas, and, lastly, Eyler Larry’s victims were 23, but he admitted of burying 4 under the barn that was marked with the inverted pentagram. There was Nurse Harvey Donald who was suspected of deaths by 47 patients, he admitted of a fascination of black magic, and Lake Leonard, who teamed up with Ng Charles for the torture-murders series, and allied to a coven of witches. One of the killers targeted homeless men; his victims were ringed with salt circle.

In addition to that, during 1980, John Gacy Wayne former associate named Robin Gecht inspiring a group of the three other men who were known as Ripper Crew that killed an estimated 18 women (Peck & Dolch, 2000). They used to murder their victims, one after another, they severed their left breasts with an extremely thin wire, then clean it so that it was used in sexual gratification, and then it was cut into pieces for consumption. Ostensibly, they worshipped Satan and ate flesh as a form of demonic communion.

The Night Stalker was believed to have the same devilish persuasion. He always crept up at night dressing in black and entered homes surreptitiously. In some occasions, he also removed his victim’s eyes as if it was a ritual. At one point in his operations, he left satanic symbols on two elderly sisters after bludgeoning them; the symbols were left on their thighs in pentagram formation. Furthermore, he drew pentagrams on walls with the lipstick. After his arrest, Richard Ramirez was reportedly said to be a Satan minion sent to perform the dirty work of the dark one. Was the admission by Richard a kind of the insanity defense preparation or was it something that he truly believed in? And if he believed it, did it encourage more savagery? Furthermore, did it tempt him to kill? These are the questions that everyone was asking himself about.

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