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Collaboration is an important part of organizational culture and communication. The main techniques that facilitate collaboration are (1) the existence of one common goal, (2) shared information and communication process, (3) effective coordination of actions. Managers and leaders should pay a special attention to listening and time spent on communication. Listening management has to be paid serious attention, and it is evident that strict time frames for performing certain tasks as well as possessing enough time for each task (without time pressures). And it is necessary to mention as well, that delay in performing the duties may be a result of communication load – too much information for one person to process and make use of it. Following Hansen (2009) such techniques as (1) T-shaped management and (2) unification networks could improve collaboration. Using T-shaped management, employees are supposed to pay more attention to the tasks they give and to the formulation of the duties in order for the employees to understand well what is required, to manage their duties well and progress in their performance but not lag behind the schedule and feel stressed because of it. In case of unification networks, it is necessary to offer sound decisions and rational opinions as for working process optimization and improvement. It appeared that the leaders in this company considered employees uninterested in what was happening in the company, or even unable to understand the entire core of the organization’s goals, operations and needs (Rosen 2007).

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The main technologies that aid collaboration are computer technology, phone communication and the Internet. This approach to collaboration required very little from employees – simply to perform their direct responsibilities – on the shop-floor, at the office, and so on (Rosen 2007). It appeared that people were interested and cared about the company and thus needed sensitive data to improve their work, they understood complex issues and even were able to offer improvements and fresh ideas and views concerning the company’s further operation. People needed to be heard and they had something to say. As well, they needed certain counseling in their working processes and more detailed data as for the organization’s work and productivity in general.

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