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The issue of morality in prostitution has always been something abstract and undetermined. Nevertheless it has always controlled not only the way of life of certain society it also influenced the laws and legislature systems. In case of prostitution, it seems that morality is the real basis for keeping process illegal, though it is supplemented and enforced by laws and legal necessity. Prostitution should be legalized because of the following arguments: (1) legalization would help to control this “black” market; (2) the state would be able to collect taxes; (3) legalization would help to reduce number of infected women; (4) legalization would educe costs usually spend on the  policing and war against prostitution; (5) it would help to stop human trafficking. Quarrel about making prostitution legal has been going on for many years, each side had their arguments and ways of solving the associated problems. It often happens that the pro- side operates unbiased empirical facts and researches, rather than the emotional unconfirmed statistics used by opposite side. The purpose of this work is to bring up the issues, which would act on a pro- side of prostitution legalization, together with discussion of its potential negative effects. The main arguments against legalization are: (1) prostitution is immoral and should not be a part of social life; (2) legalization would attract more women to this profession; (3) “black” market would not disappear; (4) legalization would not solve a problem of venereal diseases; (5) legalization could popularize and promote sexual behavior among young people. The idea to support legalization states that government should make prostitution a legal business but has to apply a set of strict regulations upon it. For example, in order to get license for this kind of business a person should pass a regular health check, and the license can be revoked if the person does not manage to bring doctor’s conclusion. Therefore problem of prostitution often remains a problem in people’s heads, an issue of morality, which often can be manipulated in favor of certain groups of people. As a member of a free society we should adopt flexible thinking and be able to analyze questions on a more profound level (Monet, 2004).

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