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The plan that I decided to implement in my classes involved at least five lessons that were supposed to enable me to have covered the syllabus that is mandated in the school curriculum before the end of the learning period. Based on the months and the respective contents I have a plan that encompasses the relative activities and the assessment criterion   towards the realization of the intensions. I do have a questions section that does give the likely kind of expected question by both the students and the teacher. It is a curriculum map that has the required kind of information that is reasonably going to lead a better understanding of the subject matter by the student. Having designed it for the topic that is going to be covered standard and specification, the map activities and skills that are paramount to the effectiveness of the lesson and the student’s comprehension of subject matter are made available. It is a map that does support the existing school curriculum and syllabus completion within the stipulated duration.

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A critique of the activities involved is what am out to achieve and evaluate the likely theories that re related to it as far as education and student are juxtaposed. The critique here seeks to pin point after investigation the educational theories that are supportive of the lesson plans and how they are going to facilitate the learning bit and the teacher responsibilities. As the curriculum developer, I will not be biased in the evaluations and comments reason being am the one who did the first assignment as the student then, impartiality shall be a core factor towards the effectiveness of an activity plan.

The initial activity was done in the month of October and it involves the inside ocean topic introduction to the students. It involves the daily songs that are related to ocean studies that ensures the student can memorize issues that are basic to the learning of oceans. During this activity formulation, the educational theory of behaviorism was considered (Wiles, & Bondi, 2010). This is a theory that states that learning is shown through a proven variation in mode of conduct since the time one started attending classes. It secondly argues that the environment that the student is subjected to determines learning and its effectiveness as far as behavior is concerned. The principal of contiguity; a process of determining how near should two events be placed against each other for a bond to be natured and the reinforcement aspect are used to boost the understanding of learning is what behavior was based on.         Behavioral educational theory does require learning to be not existing before mode of conduct that is due to habituation (Deiner, 2008). The activity that shall be utilized here involves the daily work songs related to the topic that is a kind of conditioning that the student will be natured into. Operant conditioning to be precise shall be the method to adopt when influencing learning to the students. It is a kind of conditioning that reinforces behavior through a recompense or chastisement. Having made choice of this kind of activities and a theory that augurs very well with it is respecting the organizational specifications and standards in big time. The stipulated standards by the organization states that an effective and theoretical approach should be used to facilitate the activity implementation of a particular lesson.

The second activity does concern the classification of animal found in the ocean and a subsequent subtopic engaging the students with the drawing of all ocean animals. The pupils have to be provided with a drawing book and with a guided teachers support make drawings of animals that live in the seawaters as the teacher mentions them. It will not be the student making the decision on what to draw but the teacher should instruct to facilitate their differentiation of the varied animal types found in the sea. The assessment processes shall involve the ability to identify animals and observations by the teacher plus the student participation in class. A constructivism theory is related to this activity (Wood, 1996). It is an educational theory that does give room for the student to learn from the life’s experiences. The student is allowed to associate the image of the sea animals he or she has leant in the first activity and make a drawing of them. It is a personal approach where the student is able to use the internalized concepts and variables to come up with the respective outline of the animals. This plan has been designed and formulated for ensuring that the effectiveness of what the teacher targets to achieve is realized. It is therefore possible to have best practices enacted as per the company policies on education and other related matters. The activity in this plan has the capability of ensuring that the educational standard at the particular level are upheld and no compromise is condoned.

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Naming of the plants that are in the ocean and the way they get their food is the third activity in my activity plan. It involves the daily work to the students and other related test. Usage of the instruments such as the microscope will be positive at this stage as an aid to facilitate the teaching of the subject. In this activity the educational theory of behaviorism is applied largely. It involves the repetition of the various activity variables on daily basis to ensure that the students are made to understand how they the plants and animals in the ocean get their food and despite the various classifications and divisions that they belong to. Behavioral approach is significant to the realization of the teacher target towards the students and educational syllabus that is stipulated by the organizational on curriculum. There is no any other theory that is educationally based that could have done it better than the behavioral one in this case and facilitate the realization of the efforts that the teacher had for the students in a significant manner. Thus for the best practices implementation of this activity, it was reasonable to have the theory as a preferable approach against the outlined organization curriculum and standards of the syllabus.

My forth activity in the class was to touch on the oceanic predators. It is for the ecological imbalance that nature did have the predators to prey on other oceanic animals for survival. The lesson activities will involve the definitions of what predator are and this shall be backed up by the outlining their modes of surviving in the water. In addition, the students are made to understand if these animals are not able to cope with the overwhelming sea competition they will go into extinction, which is defined and the extinct sea animals are named. Learning activity will above all involve the projects that are inclusive of a drawing of the sea animal and a possible predator alongside each other. In addition, the student will be engaged with a project of creating a poster that is related to the various method of saving our oceans. This activity is supported by the cognitive education theory and an internal knowledge structure is made to accommodate new information through the comparison of the details that are already in existence to an existing cognitive structure (Parkay, Hass, & Acntil, 2009). This activity plan is open and allows the best practices to be easily implemented.

The fifth and final activity in my plan is supposed to cover the endangered animal species topic, which is a skeleton of examples and pollution; one of the reasons why these animals are in danger. For better performance here the student will be required to come up with a bubble map of the ocean, animal food and predator and where it can be found and justification of whether it is subjected to danger or possibility of going extinct. Students shall be made to reason out the real meaning of extinction to the implementation of the educational curriculum best practices. There was no education theory that was used in this activity implementation, this was due to the need of using an approach that was going to test all the other activity mastery of contents, and what the teacher had taught them. This activity approach is as per the organizational standards in relation to the student teacher integration.

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My planning of these activities is one of the most critical and it does have the power to ensure that I do deliver to the students as the organization stipulated. It is an effective model that if followed strictly will ensure that the organizational standards and the curriculum as well as the syllabus coverage shall be easy to accomplish. This activity planning for one is related to the theme that I have drafted and it is based in a bigger scale on the educational learning theories.

The activities were based on specific learning theories such as the theory of constructivism and behaviorism in addition to the cognitivism educational theory as well. The usage of such theories specifically, yet there are a majority that are educational in nature and have the other ways of implicating education to the students, was in line with the organization and state stipulated standards. They were all used to give an emphasis of the learner behavior and the ways that are conducive for the student to be able to get the knowledge relative to what the teacher has taught. For example, my activities are directed at usage of the related programs such as giving students room for practical work, which is advised in educational perspectives. I ensured that the students should be part of the process through the usage of the questions that are meant to gauge the way the students are fairing after the lesson. This is a positive approach and is in line with the educational learning theories and not only the organizational standards of education influencing but it is attached to the National education board specifications. It should be realized that the usage of teaching aid was of essence to getting the student into task and action as per the state education standards. It is in line with and their accomplishment in my activities proves that the plan that I adopted for the task is and was relevant with the educational learning theories.

There are areas that are supposed to be improved for the better implementation of the curriculum that is stipulated by the government and the district responsible with education. The practical bit should be advanced to include the trips to the areas that are being taught about and if possible for case such as the one which I designed, the students should be taken to the deeper ocean to really see what we are talking about in class practically. Such creates a lasting image that is related to the way things are seen and mode of grasp when the teacher is in class. The fieldwork part of it should be developed extensively to include the real witnessing of the things that the scholars are being taught in class.

The availability of the teaching aid needs to be made efficient for a better implementation of the stipulated curriculum. It is more effective when the teacher does show a diagrammatic as well as a physical outline of a sea animal and its prey after a mention. Usage of more advanced teaching aids would enable the implementation of the curriculum to be more effective.

The reflective process has enabled me to be able to look at the issues in a manner that is realistic and ready to create the impacts that the society desires in academics. It has opened an insight that professionally is relative for the realization of the goal and objectives that are stipulated by the curriculum developers and state organizations. Through this insight, I am able to set out lesson plans that are more relevant and aimed at assisting the learners in a more effective way to comprehend the topic that the teacher is out to familiarize with them. It is so advantageous that I was able to make a reflection of the curriculum and activity plans in an effective manner.

Reflective process will in my professional aims spur my growth and advancement in the teacher career. This is because I shall be able to determine the topics that are relevant and outstanding for the better growth of the learners in academics. In addition, the process will facilitate the ability to face the teaching challenges if I am grown professionally to a bigger post and ensure that fellow teachers are able to deliver according to the curriculum standards and the stipulated state laws regarding to the child education. It has nurtured in me the critical thinking skill that I shall be using in my profession to facilitate equality and justice in education sector.  

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