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A virtual world is a genre that is comprised of online community that often use computer based simulated environment as its main form.  Through virtual worlds, they use computers to create and use objects while at the same time interact and get to know one another. They are made for users to occupy and interrelate with their use. In the world today the term has been used to refer to 3D elements for instance avatars that are brought out as two or three dimensional and textual graphical representations.   Virtual worlds use the concept of science fiction. Science fiction is often referred to as the literature of change. It is defined as a form of fiction that is brought out in a certain world that is very different to the one we live in and has an importance with reference to involvement of science and technology. Science fiction is a manifestation that deals with innovations that have been imagined in technology or science terms.  It is often taken to be a futuristic set. In essence science fiction pays attention to science and technology as its form of resource for development even to new forms of science fiction. There could be no fiction if there was no technology and vise versa (Dantas de Rezende, 2006).

The film that is going to be discussed in this paper is matrix film that is a depiction of technological advancement in terms of science fiction. This paper explores factors that could help in using and achieving a fictional future, how the film might have changed popular conceptions on the availability of technology represented in the film and lastly, how the technology that has been embraced in the film would have impacted the society if it became available widely to most if not all people in the entire world.

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 The matrix movie was released in 1999 as an American Australian movie. The writer of the movie was Larry and Andy wachowsky.  The movie tries to bring out the future of the world with a reality that is seen as a simulated reality that is made by responsive machines to mollify and control the population of human beings on earth. The heat in the body of those responsive machines is used as a source of energy.

There are certain factors that may help us reach such a fictional future. The first factor that would do that is creativity combined with revolutionalized education. Science fiction cannot be practiced anywhere in the world without creativity. Creativity is an attribute that brings about science fiction. Thus if creativity is nurtured, an example of the fictional future seen in the matrix film or its manifestation could actually be achieved. If creativity is encouraged through an education system that encourages its development the fictional future could be a real experience expected in the future. This type of education entails applying innovative skills and promotion of talents through lab testing and provision of the necessary materials that would favor the development of creativity which would in turn lead to futuristic fiction.

Another factor that could help us to reach fictional future that was seen in the matrix movie is technology. We need to encourage and make use of current and new technology to promote development of futurist fiction.  Technology in this case means using up to date procedures in putting in to practice fiction hat has been created and try to make them a reality. Technology will also help to put creativity to test to ascertain whether what is brought out as fiction can be put in to reality.

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Thirdly, is the availability of resources. Resources that have been used in the fiction should be made available so as to try and put fiction in to reality. Achieving futuristic fiction has to be encouraged by provision of funds and resources where the fiction can be worked on. This are very important aspects because fiction if put in reality has to exist in concrete form as opposed to film form for instance in matrix movie.

The fourth reason is time. In order to make this a reality, time has to be invested on it. This is because a lot of thinking and planning is required to come up with fiction as a real form.  The matrix film has considerably changed popular conceptions on the availability of technology that has been put into use in the matrix film. People have now believed that the technology used in the matrix film can be actually workable not only in the style that people knew but also in some other styles that can still be invented. In essence people have changed their conception to the belief that a certain type of technological advancement can be used in various ways including those ways that are not yet known to the public.

Initially people had a conception that if a technology was advanced to do one thing, then it could only work on that thing however with the experience showed in the matrix film, people started believing differently in comparison to the previous beliefs.

Besides that, people have  developed a conception that a  new  form of technology may be modified not only to do the purpose it was required to do much better but also to be applied to other areas and work successfully. For instance the use of computer based simulation technology in the matrix movie plus the bending of the laws of physics, computer morphing technology and flow-mo technology.

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Computer morphing technology is a type of technology that is used to transfer or change one image to the other. It involves taking two essentials that one intends to change from the other and make it to physically appear as if it is changing to another thing. 

Matrix movie is a manifestation of science and technology that had used morphing technology in the form of 3D objects.  This technology would affect the society we live in various ways. The effect to the society is both positive and negative and it touches both individuals and groups of people. Firstly and in a positive manner, morphing technology can enable the society to express things that are not real using the technology by making those things appear real. This is done by putting those things in imagination then creating them in to concrete things that appear in three dimensional objects (Childs, 2006).

Secondly this type of technology may be used in schools to show students things that are three dimensional in nature but don’t appear to be so when looked at directly. This would in turn help in offering a more practical type of education to the society. Morphing technology has provided the society with an advantage. Photographers, graphic experts and the general public have been provided with a new technology that helps them excel in their work. They are now able to manipulate pictures from one pixel to other using resources like adobe Photoshop.

Because of such a technology people can now choose very many attributes that they want for their child for instance hair, eye color, IQ level and interests. All these are projected to happen soon in the near future as a result of the morphing technology (Kaveney, 2005).

The technology used in matrix film especially the morphing technology, has made people become more creative in the society improving the economic position of the society. People came to realize that creativity can help to make things easier and better. Thus the society has benefitted because people have started using their creativity to contribute to the society`s well being.

Technology does not only affect the society positively but also negatively. The technology that was used in the matrix film has also been reported that it can cause cancer if not used in the proper way. The rays that are used in creating and moving pictures from one pixel to the other have been said to be a possible danger to health. Although not proved, the rumors limit individuals from making further explorations using the technology. The technology has made people`s work easy making them lazy. As a result everyone wants to use technology in doing everything making them lazy and slow in doing the same type of work when the technology is unavailable. The society has been affected because people want easy as opposed to quality things as a result of the technology.

In conclusion, the matrix movie has shown that imagination and creativity is a powerful attribute to human beings. Coupled with science and technology, the matrix movie shows that the future can be modified through imagination and creativity to bring out something that is enjoyable to watch and even contribute to the development of things that could be helpful to the society through science and technology. The society may either benefit from such technologies or be negatively affected as well. Therefore there is need to encourage the development of new technologies that offer much advantage to the society than those that negatively affect the society. Virtual images should therefore be given a chance to grow. In one way or the other, the technology being used to make them would be used or modified to be used to create something that the world would be happy to reckon with.

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