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‘Double suicide’ is a Japanese film released in 1969. Shinoda Masahiro directed it. The movie is based on a 1721 play “The Love Suicides at Amijima” that was written by Monzaemon Chikamatsu. The film is a form of Shakespearean clash of duty and love. The movie revolves around the lives of Paper merchant Jihei and courtesan Koharu. “Double Suicide” revolves around this love triangle. Jihei is the main male protagonist in the film faced by a twofold problem. The First problem is that he's a married man involved with a prostitute. Secondly, he cannot afford to pay the brothel Koharu works in and trade in the money for her freedom. In the midst of their misfortunate and impossible love, both Jihei and Koharu make a vow to commit suicide (the inevitable tragic conclusion the title of this film refers).

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Japan has one of the world’s richest cultures. Because of this, the growth of contemporary Japanese literature has been monumental in exposing Japanese culture to the rest of the world. Apart from introducing Japanese culture to the rest of the world, Japanese literature has also helped to draw foreign exchange to the Japanese economy. Double suicide has not been an exception on this trend. The director makes use of “original” genre in the film to help us relate well with not only the concept but also the Japanese culture.

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The movie is well written and the synopsis is great. By watching the movie we come to realize how the Japanese culture is different from the American or European culture. We appreciate the fact that the Japanese culture is more conservative and rigid as compared to the American and European cultures. This movie shows us the importance of accepting death as a natural reality since in deed it is not death but a transition or gate pass to another place.


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