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Marijuana users should stop because of the effects on the lungs, brain and the heart. Drug abuse is increasing rapidly and due to the hasty increase in the users, generations are putting them into the dangerous to death diseases. The many type of narcotics been used by the drug addicted individuals and Marijuana is one of the most dangerous narcotic which made through the flowers stems, seeds, and leaves derived from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. Mixture of all ingredients made that life losing drug which is considered as a heaven fruit by the drug abused patients. Marijuana users feel very calm posture and with the above all powers to confront with the prevailing circumstances (Mozes, 2009)

Marijuana is used with cigarette, pipe and blunts. The marijuana is crushed and put it in the emptied cigarette with tobacco or in pipe and inhales it like smoking. Because, of its easy and common suitableness, at the same time having a heavy intoxication. It is very largely used by the intoxicated peoples. Another more easy way of using Marijuana is mixing it in the food or tea which also gives same affect to the user.

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The dangerous after affects are very cruel which are not considered by the intoxicated people. The dangerous reaction like affecting lungs, brain and the heart cannot be realized by the users which are most pathetic substance in using the Marijuana. Moreover, all the intoxicated items that are used by the people have the worst results even cigarette. It should be stopped by the people to realizing the facts of danger. There is need to spread the message of anti Marijuana to penetrate in the minds of users that how dangerous it is. However, the user should make it possible to avoid and get rid of the injurious habits and intoxication.

The after effects:

There are several after effects of intoxication and precisely taking the use of Marijuana has the after effects on daily life, lungs, brain and the heart. The simple cigarette has much terrible affects and the cigarette with Marijuana puts double affect on the lungs, brain and heart of the user (Mozes, 2009).

Effect on daily life:

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The effect of Marijuana on daily life of user is much terrible. The user can’t perform the daily activities perfectly. It also effects on the behavior of the user which cannot be changed before the bring down the intoxication. Therefore, it is very dangerous to the life which makes life of a human being to the living organism.

Effect on the lungs, brain and heart:

Marijuana’s lasting effect has come on the lungs, brain and heart. The major disease it creates is cancer. It is effectual to the lunges cancer brain tumor and heat attract. It shouldn’t be used to seeing the critical and terrible after effects of the use of Marijuana, however, people don’t concentrate on that and use it in a non stop manner. Therefore, the users become patients who need extra care to retrieve them to their original human life.


At the end of treatise the very bad affects of Marijuana can be realized very clearly. To clean the society from that cruel intoxication needs joint efforts by the social communities, to establishing the NGOs to discourage the trend of using drugs in the daily activities. Moreover, it is also considerable to spreading the social awareness into community to make their decisions right and to the best of their life.     

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