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The nowadays society considers the leaving of the parent house by the children when they reach 18 as a common occurrence. In fact, not everybody agrees that it is normal and contributing to the young adults.

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The 18-year old people can not be called adults yet, as they continue developing physically and mentally. On the other hand, they have already moved on from being children. They have the ambitions of the grown-ups, but they still think in the teenage manner. In order to keep them from making crucial mistakes, it is better to persuade them to stay with their parents after they turn 18 years old. Parental control will keep them from doing some irrevocable mistakes they could have been regretting in the future. Parents will not let their adult kids fall under the influence of some gangs, tending to recruit the young and inexperienced people in their rows. Living together with their parents, kids do not experience financial issues that could lead to failing their credit history or getting into some unneeded extra expenses. The kids get to learn more about maintaining the household, so they will not have the troubles like misunderstanding how this or that works in the house. They can become more pragmatic, which is one of the primary features of the fully developed and formed grown-up personality.

Kids often wish to live on their own, so they can be more independent, although they can be so while staying in their parents’ house. They can study, work and keep their own finance as they would do on their own, but under the great attention of the parents, who can guide them out in case of the irresolvable situation. Also, not all the kids can afford to rent an apartment or a house once they move out. Unless they find a good-paid job, they have to ask their parents for some financial aid, which turns them dependent once again. Before they get mature, it is better for them to stay at their parents’ place. Living together with their parents, kids gradually become independent and realize when they can really move on and live on their own, critically evaluating their own powers.

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