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The paper begins by summarizing Lorne Daniel’s article entitled Handwriting Rediscovered. Daniel’s points out at the significance of the handwriting in a world that is embracing technology. Daniel notes that there are things that the use of technology for writing cannot replace. According to Daniel, the first one is the lack of a personal touch in typed work. The other point is that writing using the hand allows for immediate feedback from readers. This is not possible for typed works. Daniels’s also points out that the use of handwriting enables one to exercise the muscles of the arm. Daniel concludes that the use of handwriting remains significant in today’s world.
The paper borrows on Daniels ideas concerning the use of outdated practices to examine the use of staircases and the lift. The author favors the outdated staircase to the modern lift. The author gives various reasons for his position.
First, the author argues that the staircase fosters time management skills. The author posits that the use of the staircases catalyses time keeping. This is because there is the need to wake up early so that one can get the time to walk the stairs. Another reason is that the use of the staircase helps maintain physical health. The activity of climbing up the stairs is itself a worthy exercise. It can replace the morning jogs and runs. In addition, the author argues that the use of the stairs serves to prepare an individual for the day’s work. After climbing up the stairs, there are feelings of rejuvenation and refreshment. Besides, the use of the stairs fosters feelings of independency and self-reliance. These advantages are crucial in today’s changing world as they are the requisite of an efficient worker.
The paper ends by giving some exceptions where the use of stairs is acceptable, for instance, in case of disability, when in skyscrapers and as a means of saving time.


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