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In the ancient city of Athens, there lived a family of six gods. The elder most was Athena, of whom the city of Athens was named after. Athena‘s wisdom was legendary; in today’s world, it could be compared to Solomon’s. The second born was Artemis, who was in charge of the hunt. Thanks to Artemis; the six gods were always successful whenever they went for a hunt. After a hunt, they normally used to bring six elephants carried on their backs; a one night meal! Apollo and Hermes were twins. Apollo was in charge of the sun and music. In the name of Apollo, the sun could shine for a whole year without setting! What about the music of those days! It was terrific! Today’s Justin Bieber and Bob Dylan need to attend Apollo’s music lectures! On the other hand, Hermes was in charge of everyday travel of the gods. He also doubled up as a general messenger. Dionysus and Demeter was another twin. Dionysus was responsible for high spirits and wine. By the way, during those days, there was no age limit for taking alcohol; thanks to Dionysus! Demeter was in charge of the harvest. A single word from Demeter could end all the famine in Athens and as far as Africa. Back then, life was good. It was a simple world controlled by six gods. The origin of the gods Athena, Artemis, Apollo, Hermes, Dionysus and Demeter was unknown. Some sources said they fell from rain while others said they were the origin itself. However, everyone accepted that the six were gods.

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The community sought help of the gods every time it was faced with troubles. For instance, there was a day when a merchant from as far as Venice came to seek the advice of Athena in settling a dispute. After meeting Athena, the merchant left a happy man. He later came back to thank Athena with a sacrifice of eight lambs. Another instance involved the “drought of wine” in Africa. Priester John, a ruler from Africa, had an acute shortage of wine in his kingdom. Whenever his winemakers attempted to produce some, the concoction turned into water. This made Priester john send his wife, Habesh, to the city of Athens in order to meet Dionysus, the god of wine. Word has it that Habesh did not have to travel to Athens; for, she met Dionysus in a vision. Dionysus asked Habesh to offer a sacrifice of eight lambs to him in exchange of wine. After the vision, Habesh did as per the instructions of Dionysus. Within no time, news spread all over Priester John’s kingdom that wine was all over!

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One day, Artemis, Apollo, Hermes, Dionysus and Demeter went to the festival of Thesmophoria. This was a party dedicated to Demeter after a good harvest. Unlike in other festivals, everyone was welcome in Thesmophoria. There were one million attendants in this day’s festival. Though official records do not exist, it is widely acknowledged that the ratio of men to women was 1:1000. Food, wine, and music were galore. Everyone was in high spirits. Apollo himself was playing the harp! He had also indefinitely asked the sun to hide its face. Besides, Dionysus was serving the wine. Cocaine and marijuana had no use this day; as even the addicts scrambled for Dionysus’s wine! All troubles had gone with the wind, and what mattered was celebration.

However, something was not right in this festival. Alas! All the men and women in attendance were ugly! Yes, even by the standards of those ancient times, the lot was still remarkably ugly! Arising from this fact, the men and women avoided each other. Each group ate, drunk, chatted and danced in its corner. Thanks to the high spirits induced by Dionysus, the two groups of mortals continued to party. In contrast, the five gods in the party were not deceived. They had realized that something was terribly wrong. Even Apollo, who was legendary for flirting with women, had not said a word to any woman present. The party was divided into three distinct groups; the gods, men and women.

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This led the five gods to take note of the discrepancy in the ratio of men to women in the party. Why was the ratio 1:1000? Why were men less than women? What had happened to the men? What had happened to the attraction between different genders? Why was everybody in the party ugly? Truly, something was not right. The gods silently blamed themselves for losing touch with the real life of the inhabitants of the world. The mood of the gods became gloomy. The festival of Thesmophoria was no longer enjoyable to them. Who was to blame? The gods ordered Dionysus to give another dose of high spirits to the mortals in the party; in an attempt to make them mingle. This too proved futile, as, though the mortals became livelier than before, they continued to remain in the distinct groups. Hermes was sent to bring Athena to the party in order deliberate on the issue. On hearing the story, Athena refused to accompany Hermes to the party. Instead, she ordered a meeting with the same agenda after the party.

The meeting was held seven days after the party. It took seven days to hold the meeting as the gods had been asked to research extensively on the issue. As usual, the chairman of the meeting was Athena. She opened the meeting with a prayer to herself and the five gods present. Dionysus led the motion of the day, and every one contributed. However, the contribution of Athena was outstanding. Athena explained that the problems seen at the past festival of Thesmophoria were due to the absence of love, beauty and pleasure. She explained that these three factors were crucial to make males and females attracted to each other, and, hence, lead to procreation. Hitherto, there was no one in charge of the three factors, and their wellbeing had not been entrusted to any god. As a result, Athena suggested that someone was to be in charge of love, beauty and pleasure. The same god would be responsible for procreation. Apollo proposed that they needed a female to handle this docket. He argued that his experience with women told him that only females had the tender touch to handle things concerning love and beauty. All this was agreed upon by the six gods. They later had a vision which instructed them to give the new goddess the name “Aphrodite”.

After the meeting, Athena, Artemis, Apollo, Hermes, Dionysus and Demeter flew to Mount Olympus. Seven days later, they flew back with a beautiful goddess called Aphrodite. All of a sudden, men became handsome; women became beautiful; procreation became pleasurable; and the population of men started to increase. The next festival of Thesmophoria was terrific! Love, beauty and pleasure were in the air. For instance, all the mortals in the party were in pairs of male and female. Artemis fell in love and flew away with five beautiful women. Athena had to introduce laws prohibiting indecent exposure; as several couples had attempted to make love on the dance floor! Indeed, Aphrodite was an efficient goddess.

Aphrodite brought love, beauty and pleasure to the world. The collective effort of Athena, Artemis, Apollo, Hermes, Dionysus and Demeter to bring Aphrodite was particularly crucial to make the world what it is today. The role played by Athena in identifying the need for a goddess to be in charge of love, beauty and pleasure is unprecedented. The world is now full of love from Aphrodite.

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