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This letter is addressed to the editor as an opinionated analysis of proposition 37, regarding genetically engineered foods and the labeling statute that has come, as a result (Smith, 2012). Proposition 37 categorizes these foods whose genetic material have been purposefully altered to give them a specific characteristic (Proposition 37, 2012). The stand of this letter supports the labeling and subsequent separation of GE foods from natural foods. There is numerous health risks associated with these foods as research reveals that problems found in lab animals being tested with these products are on the rise in the American population (Institute for Responsible Technology, 2012). It is not enough that earth’s resources are at a minimum, incorporating genetic engineered foods into the pile with the rest, will exacerbate the problem (The Cornucopia Institute, 2012).

Giant bioengineering companies such as Monsanto are fighting initiatives to label genetically engineered foods in a bid to incorporate them with the general population of foods (Strom, 2012). This would offer massive profits to them at the expense of the health of the masses. Due to their massive production, they may already be winning the battle. About seventy percent of the processed currently in the American economy circulation is genetically modified (Philpot, 2012). However, there is hope whereby, the Supreme Court has favored a case against Monsanto’s wishes to ensure farmers buy genetically modified seeds on an annual basis (Stohr, 2012).

Genetically engineered foods have been introduced in the American populous in a quiet and almost stealthy manner, by the hand of big corporation with little consideration for public health safety in the long term (Project Censored Media Democracy In Action, 2010). Supporters of the proposition 37 statute claims GMO labeling will provide Californians valuable information as to what foods they are buying (Goodfriend, 2012). Over the years some supporters of the genetically engineered foods have supported the cause against labeling, while feasting on organics themselves (Mercola, 2012). This is a double standard, and proves that everyone should have the right to know what they are consuming.


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