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New technology devices become more and more popular with every minute, and mobile phones are one of the most widespread used of them. People take their mobiles everywhere they go. It is becoming a universal device that is for calling, checking emails and even weather. However, there are several arguments that support the idea that cell phones are dangerous, especially for children.

Several researches were conducted, and have proved that the use of mobile phones varies in the age and gender of its users (Bianchi 4). Youth uses hand-held phones more often than the elders. It is explained by the hypothesis that different ages have different psychological and social perceptions. It is hard for many adults to understand how a person can communicate only per SMS, not seeing your communicate partner or at least not hearing the voice of another person. “One more evidenced fact about cell phones is that they are more used by males than by fames”, says Dr. Ashok Agarwal (Hope 1). Amy Hoak (Chicago, MarketWatch) explained, “The recent study of 1,016 wireless users found that men talk an average of 546 minutes per month on their cell phones, while women talk about 470 minutes per month.” That is very important among boys under 17 years old to be the owner of the newest model of cellular phone. The ownership of such a device makes you the heart of your subgroup, and even brings you new friends thinking that you are interesting because you have the new model of phone.

However, this new trend of mobile phones ownership is not without disadvantages. From one point of view, it brings you a lot of social advantages, but, from the other point of view, children that do not have an opportunity to buy such a modern device can be out of their subgroups. It makes their self-esteem low, and they feel worse as other children with these modern devices. They feel unconfident. The fact is that maybe often children do not need such a new model, but they feel themselves worse than other children without it.

One of the most important arguments for our thesis is the danger to health, especially for children. Using cell phones, people are under the influence of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) which can cause many health troubles. Dr. George Carlo said that it is a dangerous sort of energy, and it is proved that the worst producers of EMR are cell phones (How Mobile Phones are Dangerous to Health). It is proved by many researches that people who use mobile phones are more likely to have attention disorders or even get a depression. Dr. Carlo says, “Conducted examinations showed that more people use cellular phones, harder it is for them to fall asleep” (Kovach 1). Dr. Ronald Herberman, Director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, stated that “new research shows that phone radiation may have negative health effects, including your quality of sleep.” It is more dangerous with children and teens under 17 years old. Thinner and smaller skulls make it much easier for radio waves to permeate the bone, and slim bone structures more easily absorb the radio waves, trapping them.

The problem of cell phone usage at schools becomes more and more perturbing. In many countries cell phones are prohibited at schools, but of course only during classes. Teachers cannot control the usage of cell phones during breaks and of course at homes. An excessive usage causes a lot of problems for pupils even with their studying. It is becoming hard for them to concentrate on learning and demonstrate sloppy study skills (Kennedy 7). In addition to all this, with using SMS texting, the last few years show the distortion of simple English language of pupils. They use short texting without any punctuation or orthography (Kennedy 16). Amanda O´Connor states, “According to Lee (2002), “teachers say that papers are being written with shortened words, improper capitalization and punctuation, and characters like &, $, and @.” In answer to the question why they neglect all the writing rules, it was found that it is not important for them whether they write right or not, the aim of their communication per mobile phones is to make it as quick as possible without spending much time on it.

Exceeding usage of mobiles destroys the traditional forms of social interaction and has a bad influence on people´s ability to develop the kind of social skills necessary in life. It is defined that “if a person does not develop complex social skills required in work places and other social settings, their chances of success in real life diminish rapidly.” (Broadhead 112). It refers firstly to pupils as they get accustomed to the usage of hand-held devices the most. It is observed by teachers that after a long using of SMS texting they constantly make mistakes while writing and speaking. For many university/college entrants it is hard even to overcome this communicative barrier without their technological devices. It causes troubles while passing exams and making interviews.

There are currently many studies conducted that research the risks involved with driving and talking on cell phones. As observed by statists, many pupils practice dangerous driving habits withoutt paying attention that they break the law. Very often they do not think about the danger that they make while calling and not concentrating on driving any more. They drive oft only with a one hand free, pupils that are texting while driving take their eyes off the road and type conversations to each other (Goodman 17). Bluetooth is another technological breakthrough where you wear an ear piece and can receive phone calls by one touch of a button on the ear piece (Goodman 64). This takes all your attention off the road and into the mobile phone. „Talking on phone while driving is compared now being drunk and more often becomes the reason of road accidents” (Goodman 1). "We found that people are as impaired when they drive and talk on a cell phone as they are when they drive intoxicated at the legal blood-alcohol limit," said Frank Drews, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Utah.

In conclusion, although using cell phones brings a lot of advantages to its users while making it is much easier for them constantly to keep in touch with people they need, they put people in danger, especially children (for example talking on phone while driving, “Teens aged from sixteen to nineteen have a fatality rate of four times that of drivers who are aged from twenty five to sixty nine”, says Cramer). They come quicker under the influence of other people and whose slim bone structures easier absorb the radio waves which destroy their health. 


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