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Duras is a young girl, who is fifteen and a half years old. She is much exposed by her mother and her brother. This is noted from the carelessness of her mother, especially when she left her daughter under the care of a school driver. In addition to this, her mother usually provide her with sexy clothes, while knowing that Duras is still a teenager , and exposing her to men may result to dire consequences. On other hand, Duras brother has been buying expensive gifts to Duras and permitting her to share some of his clothes, like belt and shoes. This paper will critically analyze what is absurd about this image in Duras story.

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Absurd is defined as the technical usage that is linked with exceptionally poor reasoning, nonsense, or the ridiculous. From Duras story, it is obvious that the use of absurd can be observed. The image, referred in the story, is breaking a girl’s virginity and was triggered by the girl’s mother. When it comes to the real life, it is very much ironic for any mother to trigger or expose her daughter to sexual activities, while she is still a young girl. For example, Duras’s mother gave her a transparent cloth, knowing that she was going to the public places, such as school. It is the wish of every mother to see their daughters and sons growing without been involved in sexual activities or other awful behaviors, which might destroy their lives. However, what can be observed from Duras story is totally ironic. When Duras looks at her own image, she cannot believe what she has turned into, especially when she compares herself with others. On other hand, Duras brother was playing a big role in destroying Duras future. He permitted her to wear his clothes, giving her the expensive gifts, which were sexually attractive. In summary, Duras story is absurd, when compared with the real life. 

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