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This journal seeks to scrutinize the impacts of globalization. It is apparent that, globalization has affected the economic of countries both positively and negatively. Although critics argue against globalization based on the negative effects, research has proved that, the positive effects of globalization are more substantial compared to the negative effects. Furthermore, proposers argue that, globalization has brought about international peace amongst countries through integration and interaction. As such, many people tend to overlook the negative impacts and focus on the positive impacts of globalization. However, this should not be the case; it is evident that if not handled properly, these negative effects can someday outdo the positive effects and this may result to adverse political, social-cultural and economic problems.

Ferdig, M., Boyer, J., Black, W. (2007). “Towards A Framework For Understanding Electronic Educational Gaming” Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, 16:pp 225-248

This journal explorer computer games that have been the biggest thing to hit the technology world in recent times after the internet. The games have been mostly linked to children and their development though the adult population is also well involved in the trend. The reason why they draw so much attention is because of the fact that they tend to occupy so much time for the players and that they are of various varieties from arcade to strategy. There has been a heated debate on the role of these games to the players. Effects have been both negative and positive with an acclaimed bias on the negative aspect. Away from “wasting time” the contents of the games have far reaching effects which this study lays emphasis on. The most controversial claim is that violent games tend to influence violent behavior and crime among young children. The children are so fascinated by the virtual world of the games that they try to replicate it in their real world ending up in crime and fatal accidents.

Boulesbaa, A. The U.N.  (1999). Convention on Torture and the Prospects for Enforcement
Journal of International Studies in Human Rights. 2.2: pp 62-91

Since the September 11 terrorist attack in the U.S, the definition of terrorism has taken a new direction. Terrorism has been met with more vengeance than ever. This journal focus on ensuing war against terrorism, as it has a tremendous effect on the global political power balance and social lives of many. The war mainly waged in the Middle East has cost the America and her allies billions of dollars and thousands of troop’s life. In the process, a number of terrorist suspects have been arrested. Their die hard attitude has seen them refuse to cooperate with forces leading to ardent questions on whether information should be forcefully extracted from them. This is where the thin line between torture and questioning comes in. On the other hand, human rights and freedoms are against forceful extraction of information and arbitrary arrests brought about by terrorism fears that have characterized all nations.

Campbell, C., C. Foulis, S. Maimane and Z. Sibiya. (2005). “The Impact of Social Environments on the Effectiveness of Youth HIV Prevention: A South African Case Study”. AIDS care, 17 (4), 471-478.

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The article discusses how social issues such as stigma, poverty, unemployment and cultural issues hinder the efficiency of youth HIV prevention programs among the youth in South Africa. The research collects descriptive data through interviews and focus groups. The results of this study indicate the inefficiency of youth HIV intervention programs which are carried out through the mass media, schools and local community groups is mainly caused by the social environment.

Yair Amichai-Hamburger and Vinitzky, G. (2010). Social network use and personality, Computers in Human Behavior 26, pp.1289–1295.

The use of Facebook is considered distinct from other Social networking Sites in that, it presents an offline to online interaction. Basically, people who are friends on Facebook are initially friends in the real world. The article has well organized and specific to one concept of how the use of Facebook relates to personality. The article utilizes a larger sample and employs a more objective approach, where the profiles of the participants were analyzed on the information provided starting from basic information, contact information and work and education. The journal is mainly focusing on establishing the link between personality and the use of Facebook.

Bagaeen, S. (2007). “Brand Dubai: The instant city; or the instantly recognizable city”

International planning studies. 12.2: pp 173–197

As a brand, the Dubai is undergoing a marketing phase. As an instant city, it presents what a city should provide promptly and with ease while it is simply recognizable internationally going by the number of arrivals. This indicates that the Dubai brand has great brand awareness. The abstract of the article starts off by calling Dubai a combination of Las Vegas, New York and Miami. This outright captures the attention of the audience in seeking to understand a wholesome city such as Dubai. The introduction thus gives the background situation and indicates problem of the paper which is to explain the success of marketing Dubai as a tourist and business destination.     

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Hassan, A., Chachi, A and Latiif, S. (2008). “Islamic Marketing Ethics And Its Impact On Customer Satisfaction in the Islamic Banking Industry” Journal of King Abul University: Islamic Economics. 21.1: 27-46

The article’s title is in sentence form, one that summarizes the entire article and contains some of the key words in the article. The abstract explains some of the key words and in English and Arabic and sets the groundwork for discussing meeting consumer needs ethically in Islamic banking. Nonetheless, it is very detailed and explains the difference between Islamic banking and conventional banking. The introduction also has the purpose statement, which is to spot the significant traits of Islamic marketing ethics and to examine the feasible task of Islamic ethical sales actions as may be perceived by the Islamic Banking clientele.  

Russo, M. & Harrison, N. (2004). Organizational Design And Environmental Performance: Clues From The Electronics Industry’ Academy of Management Journal. 48(2), 1-31

This article discusses the role of organization design in environmental performance of organizations. The journal takes a different perspective from contemporary approaches into questioning how the emission performance influences organizational design rather than emission performance being a result of organizational design. By using this approach, the authors claim to simplify theoretical and empirical aggregation to identify the connections in the causal chain between organizational variable and environmental performance. They achieve this by using the congruence model that matches up internal processes of organizations and their environmental performance. They assert that the higher the congruence or level of matching up, the higher the organizational performance.

Schorske, Carl. (2009). Politics in a New Key: An Austrian Triptych. The Journal of Modern History, Vol. 39, No. 4, pp. 343-386.

The article discusses the developments in Austria at a time where social and racial classification was taking place in the country and nationalism was taking effect all in the midst of relatively primitive political ideologies. The article traces the history of liberal and anti-Semitic movements in Europe. It indicates that nationality, economic well being and race were important issues in organizing people around some common ideological goals.

Mattli, & Slaughter. (1995). Impacts of Global Warming. Journal of International

Organization, Vol. 49, Pp 183-190

Global warming and the resultant climate change which are direct outcomes of high amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have had a huge impact on businesses and countries around the world. This journal reviews the impacts of globalization and explorer number of countries and international agencies are committed to combating this problem which is costing the global economy billions of dollars in lost business opportunities and in mitigation efforts. The Kyoto protocol is one of the largest projects under the UN that seeks to combat global warming by committing member states to reduce their carbon emissions. Governments can only implement such through legislations that affect business entities in mining, transport, manufacturing among other industries.

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