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One of the most important religious events happened in Jerusalem. It was depicted as the centre of the world on the ancient maps. Without a doubt, it is more than significant for the religions with numerical superiority: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. During thousands of years this place has been a reason of numerous arguments and even wars. Every year thousands of the faithful come there. It is impossible to find such a great amount of synagogues, churches and mosques coexisting in any other place.

In Judaism Jerusalem is the most important location of religious shrines. The name of this city is mentioned 656 times in the Tanach. The Jewish people believe that God’s presence reveals in this place most of all. The soil and the air in Jerusalem are sacred for the Jewish people. They pray faced to the side of Jerusalem’s location three times a day. Temple Mount is the most sacred place in Jerusalem for the Jews. They believe that the stone from which the world’s foundation started is situated there. It was the place where Isaac did his sacrifice. The First Jewish Temple was built there. After it was destroyed in 586 B. C., the Second Jewish Temple was built (Storobin, 2005). Then it was rebuilt entirely and became a symbol of Jerusalem. A lot of years the Jewish people were gone from the city due to various conquests. Nowadays the Jews are not allowed to pray on the Temple Mount since they are considered to be too sinful.

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Jerusalem plays a great role in Christianity. It is a major sacral city as well. The major events that took place there were the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the Resurrection. Christianity has originated in Jerusalem. It was a prevailing religion in Jerusalem until the 638 A. D. when Muslims came (Storobin, 2005). Christians have faith in Byzantine Emperor to have found the True Cross in a cave. Cathedrals, churches and cloisters were built near every sacral place starting since the Byzantine epoch. Today Christians are not intended to have control over Jerusalem.

Judging from the history of Islam, it must be said that Jerusalem looks to be more a battle than a religious token for them. Jerusalem also has a great religious significance to Muslims. It is connected with the great Muslim prophets and the Qur’an. A lot of Muhammad’s companions lived and were buried in Jerusalem. The Resurrection took place there. Muslims believe that God will make His divine justice on the Day of Judgment there. They believe that the Messiah is to come to celebrate His victory over evil there.

The significance of Jerusalem is more than huge for all the three religions. This city has experienced the biggest number of battles, bloodsheds and conquests on the religious ground. It is sacred and honored by the representatives of these religions. Jerusalem is first of all a set of sacral places for Christians and Muslims. For the Jews the city itself and everything what is situated in it are holy.


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