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This book was the New York Times best seller. The book is about how one mans journey was to change the world one child at a time. Greg Mortenson and journalist David Oliver Relin submit to a journey in which failed in 1993. Greg Mortenson tried climbing the second largest mountain in the world and failed. He tried doing this because he wanted to raise funds and moral on helping the less fortunate trying to reunite Pakistan and her surrounding countries and subject them to peace.
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He also wanted to establish new evolved schools throughout Pakistan and Asia. Greg Mortenson tried setting up a fundraiser called “Penny for peace” This fundraiser was support to help raise money to help with Pakistanis schools and economy. A penny for peace was supported by the island packet on March 23rd 2009.
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On March 22nd 2009 the “Palm Beach Post” said, “He Had Brushes with Taliban Brutality... But Many More Encounters With Kindness and Generosity” Within this book there are several different traits which were introduced several different morals in which where being demonstrated. One of the main traits in which were shown in this novel was the trait of love. Greg Mortenson compassions and beliefs for Pakistan where unreal. He worked to do anything in his power to help Pakistan. His main belief was that Pakistan was capable of so much more than their current economic standing. The second trait in which he exercised in the novel was having a vision. Greg had a vision and no matter what the cost he tried following that vision.
He tried climbing the world’s second largest mountain to make a point. To make a stand for one country with poverty and grief. Even though he failed his mission to climb that mountain he still went on to greater and better Things for Pakistan. One thing in which I have learned from studying this novel is to never give up on what you believe in. No mountain is too high and no valley is too long to succeed if you honestly and truly believe in something.

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