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The “Ripe Figs” is a very short story in which Chopin characterizes the two female characters a mother and her daughter namely, Maman-Nainaine and Babette respectively. The writer agrees with their situations concerning the turn of events inhuman life and how these changes can take place fast. The activity of development of a human from a young age to become old takes place at a faster rate and it is wonderful.

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Chopin Kate represents Maman-Nainaine as a person who “has a way of linking together seemingly unrelated events” (Knights and Chopin 21) in the manner in which she is concerned about her daughter leaving to pay her cousins a visit at Bayou-Lafourche. She links summertime when the figs are ripe as an appropriate time for visiting. She is also a patient lady where by Chopin presents her waiting for the summer time to arrive which she knows it will certainly come. In addition, Maman-Nainaine is a composed lady because whatever she does is in to detail just like “her muslin cap standing like an aureole about her white, placid face” (Knights and Chopin 21) and how she gets a surprise when the way the figs can get ripe quickly.

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 Moreover, she does not bother herself to find ripe figs but she is ready to use when the figs are available to her, perhaps because of her age that causes difficulties to have such a feeling on hard activities. Everything to her seems to work and will work normally because she has experiences of the past (Branscomb, “The Explicator”). She is an escapist lady to the activities of youthfulness of the little girl Babette as she finds reasons to keep Babette from going to her cousins. When she says she can do it when the figs get ripe this makes her find ways to quicken the events and to prove to her mother that they are ripe to have permission to visit her cousins (“Essays about Maman-Nainaine” n.p.). She is also a protective mother as Chopin shows her to knowing the right time when her daughter Babette can visit her cousins and the safe time can show at the season when the figs get ripe (Walker 108).

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On the other hand, Chopin describes Babette as an Impatient young girl in that she can’t wait for the figs to be ripe as they seem to be taking long and therefore she gets the determination to find ripe figs and therefore “time passes slowly for the impatient girl” (Branscomb, “The Explicator”). She is also a restless girl. This shows when she can not wait for the summer time to arrive and quicken the ripening of the figs. Due to this and the drive of her youthfulness, she is active and joyous because as Resseguie says about her that “every day Babette danced out to where the fig-trees where in a long line against the fence” and she becomes joyous (Resseguie 21). She is cautious by the way she thoroughly checks in the braches in to detail whether any figs are ready which most of the times makes her miserable as nothing comes out of her efforts. However she is a happy girl irrespective of the miseries she encounters.

She is a resolute young lady because as Chopin describes her, she puts efforts to finding ripe figs regardless of the possibility of them looking not ready  (Knights and Chopin 21). There are some that can become ready before the definite time. The young girl wants to take responsibility from being young to become an adult and decide things for herself (Essays about Maman-Nainaine” n.p.). According the Babette, the process of maturing of the figs to her looks like is not what the others experience .It takes “a painfully longer time” (Resseguie 21). It is therefore according to Chopin that the two female characters in the short story have different experiences according to the evolutions of events in the times and activities of the human being much on the basis of age.

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