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Quality of Writing

  • Standard. We guarantee that we will find a suitable writer specializing in your area. Your assignment will be done properly and delivered to you on schedule.
  • Premium. If you want to be sure that your order will be assigned to one of our experts quickly, this option is what you need. Your premium assignment will appear among numerous VIP orders and our representatives will do everything in their power to send it to the best specialist. Furthermore, the “premium quality” option includes a “detailed plagiarism check”. You will get a PDF report including comments about the results of the plagiarism check from one of our editors.
  • Supreme. Apart from the “Detailed Plagiarism Check” feature, our agents will strive to urgently allocate the expert from the top 30 best company writers. Your assignment is of top priority for us.

Top 30 writers

Get the highly skilled writer in the chosen discipline for $4.8 only!

Top 10 Writers

It is known that only properly written academic papers meeting professors’ specifications deserve excellent grades. You have a wonderful opportunity to get your piece of writing created by one of our top essay writers. You just need to become our VIP client. When signing for our VIP package, your writing project will be assigned to the expert who is highly competent in your research area and has considerable experience in preparing similar papers. Have no doubt that your piece of writing will be produced in accordance with modern academic criteria and standards.

VIP Support

When utilizing our VIP services, you can be sure that all your questions and requests will be given priority over those of other users and will be responded swiftly whether you call us, send an email or use our live chat option. No matter the questions or issues, feel free to contact our customer support representatives anytime since they work around the clock.

VIP support

VIP support services:
special attention is assured! $9.99 only!

First Class Editing and Proofreading

We always make sure that our writers create impeccable papers. Still, each piece of writing is checked by our editors to ensure its high quality. If you order our VIP package, you can be certain of getting the best proofreading and editing services. Your work will be checked for grammar and other issues by a highly trained expert.

Extended Revision Option

Usually a free revision offered by the company lasts for 48 hours after the order deadline expiration. However, our VIP customers are given an opportunity to get their papers revised for free within 4 days after being completed. You jus to need to state what points have to be improved.

SMS Notifications

Become our VIP client and get a chance to keep track of all stages of the writing process, i.e. payment verification, writer assignment, editing, and completion. Getting SMS notifications is a great option!

Get an Extra Plagiarism Check

Order our VIP package and get an opportunity to check any paper, current or future, for plagiarism by our reliable online plagiarism checker - ThePlagiarism.com. By using this plagiarism scanner, you can be sure that your papers do not contain any copied content. Grab this opportunity to avoid poor grades!

VIP services

Extended revision
2.00 USD

SMS notifications
3.00 USD

Get an order
Proofread by editor 3.99 USD

Get an order prepared
by Top 30 writers 4.8 USD

Get a full
PDF plagiarism report
5.99 USD

VIP Support 9.99 USD


VIP Client

Our customers will get their assignments before the imposed deadline. Your paper will be available in your account 20% earlier the due date. Thus, you will be able to check it and ask for a free revision if needed. Furthermore, you will obtain a free 1-page draft of each paper – check whether your writer is on the right track and give some recommendations, if necessary. Additionally, a free revision period will be extended from 48 hours to 4 days. We guarantee that our VIP clients’ orders will be thoroughly proofread by our editors to ensure each text is free from any kinds of mistakes. Alongside getting VIP support, our clients will be provided with SMS notifications of all stages of their assignments. Finally, our VIP clients have an opportunity to scan any text for plagiarism (up to 5000 words/month) by ThePlagiarism.com. The more months you pick – the cheaper the “VIP Client” option becomes!

Stop worrying about your assignments! Our company offers a broad range of online services, the VIP ones that are often chosen by our clients included, by using which you will be able to cope with all your writing projects. In case of queries, contact our support agents.

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