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Diversity of Essays

There are many ways to write an essay in English as there are umpteen categories to choose from, that being, comparison, argumentative, descriptive, cause-effect, definition, narrative and the process essay. Every category has a diverse stylistic way and a variant structure to be followed.  

The contrast essay comprises of dual subjects and a parallel has to be drawn between them marking the dissimilarities and the similarities as well. It depends solely on the writer whether as to write an account so as to convince the reader to reach a conclusion after reading the comparisons or to maintain the objectivity and neutrality. But heed should be paid to the authenticity of the research and information being given to support the contrast. For instance,to show a contrast between two places or people.  

The argumentative essay has the aim usually to persuade the reader to make a conclusion. In this essay, the writer has to make use of comprehensive understanding and rationale. In this pro/con essay, one has to first give the objections and refute them following the features which back one’s position. For instance, issue of gay rights or euthanasia.

The descriptive essay elucidates about incidents, physical characteristics, emotions, destinations, things or individuals. It elaborates the details in such a way that the reader’s imagination is put in motion. These kind of essays play upon the visualization power of the reader. For instance, describing about a tourist destination or the process or functionality or a procedure or a mechanism.

The cause- effect essay goes through the process of elaborately discussing a sole cause giving way to myriad effects or many causes leading to one single effect. For instance 
Cause – liked commerce in high school
  The pay scale in the this field is high
  Parents are also in the field
  There is an aptitude for numbers
Effect - take up masters in accounting 

Cause – the number of hours or work should be reduced 

Effect - salary is less
  Employer is dissatisfied 
  More time for family and friends 

Definition essays explicitly explain the definition of a term. The definition essays can be about something concrete like about herbal plants or something as abstract as love.  

Narrative essays is anecdotage where there is chronicling of events and incidents. For writing a narrative essay its essential to identify with the narrative being made to give it a realistic approach; a basic outline of the narrative should be made and the events should be drafted well. Another important thing is that the story being narrated should always have a point and shouldn’t be abstract. It is most often written from the point of view of the first person thereby it’s most advantageous to write an experience or event from one’s own life or somebody close.  

 Process essay is the easiest and the most convenient of all as it primarily has the description of a step by step mechanism of performing an act. These essays are mostly factual and cannot be manipulated much by one’s own accord. Presentation in such essays is of immense value.


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