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Top 5 Animated Movies to Date

Top 5 Animated Movies to Date

Who said, that cartoons are for children only? The tired of everyday routine adults deserve to have fun too. Animated movies show us life from another point of view with the well-known life situations. Many of them are amusing and worth citing. That is why animated cartoons are excellent kind of movie for the date.

Catch the list of 5 top cartoons of the last three decades to offer your darling

UP (2009)

It is a romantic story about devoted love, unconditional friendship, and remaining hope. Carl and Ellie met when they were children and lived together for 70 years. The dream of having many children failed, and they focused on their passion for adventure. For many years, they saved money for the trip to South America, but routine problems prevented them from their mission. When Allie died, Carl decided to leave their house and fly. After having survived many dangerous situations with his 8-years young friend Russell and devoted dog, he found the notes in the Adventure Book of his wife where she wrote that he was her best life adventure.

Finding Nemo (2003)

It is a touching story of the strength of the family. The main characters are clownfish, a father and a son. Once, the last one named Nemo was caught by a fisherman, and without hesitation, his father Marlin started a long and dangerous journey to free him. Many funny and charismatic sea dwellers helped him. In the end, they meet and fill the viewers with warm emotions of the omnipotence of the family and friendship bonds.

The Lion King (1994)

It is a classic animated cartoon about the importance of justice and responsibility. The main hero Simba lost his father when was a kid. His best friends a meerkat, Timone, and a wild hog, Pumba, helped him to take things on the chin and fight in the name of justice. These two add many funny moments to the movie.

The Jungle Book (2016)

It is an adventure animated movie about love, hatred, and everyone’s place in life. A story is a golden middle between the plot of Kipling’s work and well-known Disney cartoon “Mowgli”. The tale keeps the viewers in almost constant emotional tension, but the character of the bear Balloo dilutes it with laugh and fun.

Ratatouille (2007)

It is an absorbing story of the adventures of the rat, Remy, who is extra sensitive to different tastes and odors. He aims to become a big chief. In tandem with a human named Linguini, they managed to win the status of the best chief in Paris, but this road was not easy. It is a story about self-realization, trust, and dignity.

If you are preparing for one of the first dates, it would be better to see adventure-full Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, or The Jungle Book. More sensitive movies that can make girls cry are The Lion King and Up. Enjoy watching and share your emotions!


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