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Essay Paper - Why are They Important?

In almost all schools, students are made to write essays on varied topics. They are made to write the paper so as to evaluate their reading and writing skills. It is a way to judge the performance of a student.  

In an essay a student is evaluated on the flowing basis:
• Reading skills
• Writing skills
• Presentation
• Analytical ability
• Structure of the essay
• Language of the essay
• Art of expression

No doubts, that writing a term paper requires both time and efforts. To write a good essay practice and hard work are required. As the grade increases, the expectation of the examiner increases from the students. At the lower grades, writing a simple but structured essay fetch you good grades and appreciation, but the case is not the same when you come in higher grades.  

In lower grades, students are made to write an essay on topics like their pet, parents, school, friends or other things around them. This makes the child observant and makes him think of the things surrounding him. Here, only the foundation is laid, so as to make their base strong. The essays in lower grades are only to judge their power to notice people and things around them and to state the most important things in the essay.  

As, you progress in your academic grades, the essays become complex. Now, they are no more simple descriptive essays, they are complex now. They are now expected to attempt argumentative essay, persuasive essays and discursive essays. More minute details have to be included in the essay and are now supposed to be very focused and comprehensive.  

The essay in higher grades may pertain to political events, history, social issues, economic policies, literary criticism or on other topic. These essays check you understanding power, your level of knowledge, general awareness, your research ability, your writing and presenting ability and analytical thinking. Essays affect the grades of the students, to a great deal, so you must e very careful about them.  

For an entrance to the college, an essay is the only way to gauge the ability and their analytical powers. The admission essay, ought to be good and structured. A good introduction and conclusion may affect the quality of the essay. Whether you will be entitled to the admission to your desired college and course mainly depends on the quality of your essay.  

Writing an admission article is very important, as your career rests on it. Thus, you must devote a considerable time and effort to write it. Generally, the admission essay pertains to self and is very tough to write. They mainly demand an essay which is self evaluating. In some cases you may be asked to narrate an incidence of your life, which caged it entirely. At times, you are made to write a essay on a topic which you must have encountered everyday, but would have never bothered to pay any heed to it.  

An essay is the reflection of the personality and the mind set of the student. So, next time you are asked to write an essay, don’t fret.  


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