How to Write an Opposition Essay

The opposition essay is a paper in which you need to study two or more opposing things and compare them with each other. You must present your arguments for each position.

The essence of the opposition essay is a clearly defined structure and seriously approach the problem. Unlike the narrative essay, here it is necessary to express the main idea (thesis) immediately at the beginning of the work. The purpose of such a text is to confirm the correctness of your position and make conclusions.

Basic Elements of the Text

Formulate your thesis; give two or three convincing arguments that can confirm your opinion. Illustrate your thoughts with references, use quotations from fiction (specify the name of the author and the title of the work, indicate the problem raised by the writer and image through which the problem is disclosed, etc.), historical facts or occasions. Do not retell the content of the book or article, do not give a full description of the images. Formulate the conclusions.

Remember that the thesis is your direct answer to the question on the topic. Give at least two convincing evidence that can prove your thesis. Use information from trusted sources. Each example must be used for a separate argument.



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Before writing an essay, it is worth to think about the outline. Do not create a too long plan; it should look like a very short essay, in which there are only 5-7 sentences. They must demonstrate your position. It is recommended to write such essays almost daily to improve the consistency of your statements.

Rereading and Editing

Writing an essay is a rather lengthy process. After you write the essay, you will have to edit it. First, you need to read your paper several times and make sure it meets all the requirements. Explore whether you have demonstrated several positions and arguments. Check whether your evidence looks convincing. Correct grammatical and punctuation errors. It is important to remember that writing an opposition essay involves using a scientific style of speech. If your text contains elements of slang or spoken language, delete them.

Show your work to a friend who has good knowledge of English or another competent person. Ask him or her to express an honest opinion and give a critical assessment of your paper. Take into account all the reader's comments, analyze them and correct mistakes. If you doubt your knowledge and skills, you can use the editing services.


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