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Features of Good College Application Essay

The thing that sends chill down the spine of students is a college application essay. As every difficulty is an opportunity in disguise, it also is an opportunity to showcase your talents and creativity. Your grades test scores, extracurricular activities and recommendations are its key contents. This very fact underlines its eminence. On the other hand in context of the admission officers it is magic mirror in which they see through you and judge you as to what degree you know yourself. Besides giving information about you is the key role of the essay, it also has some important functions. The important functions are:1. It will evince your interest in college by showing the amount of research you have put inn. It gives hint that you fit the bill for the college as abilities complements the competency of the college.
2. The essay is a real proof to the admission office of your commitment. A diligently written and structured essay  goes a long way in showing the level of involvement in the matter of study.
3. The academic records are important information, but if you shed light on your personal self then that works in your favor. Your best qualities are bared and your proficiencies and expertise are highlighted. 4. This essay writing lays bare the writing abilities which are a positive point for you.  This part is the engine of your application that will propel you forward. There is no gag on you . You can uninhibitedly express yourself. Proclaim your thoughts. Put the happenings of both your heart and mind on paper. So take a chill pill. Put a thought in analyzing yourself and the way you see the things around you. One to two paragraphs can be dedicated to the experiences, events and personalities that have shown you a direction. It will be a cardinal sin if you don’t give aspirations a mention in this space. Although your consciousness is your guide to write this essay, you should keep certain things in mind. Firstly the essay must answer all questions from the admission office. The opening section is critical. It must grab the eye-balls instantly. The admission officer will have hundreds of such essays. Your essay must mesmerize the officer. Thus skills required for essay writing are very important. In a college application essay the small but critical things are the grammar, spelling and punctuation. You should be careful not to err in these things. You should be confident of the style of essay writing that you are using. Format should be such that you feel comfortable. Keep your facts and statistics right.  False information or dates are a strict no-no. Essay should be direct. No area should be left untouched but it means you should be brief. Nobody is going to read history. After completion Proof reading is a must. It will weed out any mistakes and will give a window to make changes if desired. In some cases references are demanded. Introduce them properly, giving your professional relationship with the reference. There is no problem in being creative but don’t veer away from the bottom line.


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