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Various Types of English Essays

Essays in English can be divided into various groups like illustrative, judgemental, process, cause and effect, comparative, narrative and debatable essays. A particular arrangement and layout is followed for every kind of essay.

The illustrative research paper explains the belief, emotions, tangible traits and characteristics, happenings, places and individuals or objects. It elaborates the subject in such a manner that an image of it is created in the minds of the reader and sensory influence is greatly used in such essays. Examples of these essays can be describing some philosophy, methodology, procedure or the like.

Argumentative essays are the ones in which the reader has to form a strong opinion and persuade the readers to agree with his stance. Convincing and influencing analysis, reasoning should be prepared and presented to them to share the stand on the topic. Example can be; which one is preferable: home tutoring or formal education? Or ways and means: which is more important?

In case of analytical and judgemental essays, different dimensions of a topic are explored and the merits, demerits, pros and cons of the subject are measured and taken into account. It analysis the theme giving unbiased opinion and the decision rests with the readers. The theme of the essay can be anything from a book to some poem or music or movie. For instance, analysis of a song ‘From a Distance’ and its relevance in today’s world etc.

When writing definitive essays, the topic is identified and described with the help of notes and evidences, forming the basis and foundation of the subject and supporting the definition. Like defining love or right to expression.

Process essays involve describing the procedure and the method listing each step involved such as recipe for making puddings, dealing with a technical problem or guidelines to operate a washing machine. Such factual and originally dry essays can be given colour by adding few anecdotes or examples.

In comparative essays the writer has to compare, balance, judge and match up the two components of the subject. The resemblance and differences based on suitable information, facts and figures should be brought forward highlighting their relationship. The essay can either be written objectively or in order to convince the reader in favour of one of the fundamentals. For instance comparison between two subjects or careers.

Narrative essays are anecdotage. It may involve citing an event, experience and happenings in a straight or reverse method. It is mainly written using strong and impressive languages, vibrant imagery and brilliant ideas making a powerful impact on the minds of the reader. It can be recounting past achievements, some occasions and functions attended etc.

Cause and effect essay relates the causes and factors that lead to happening of certain event and explore its impact and influence on the life of the public or its environment in the future. It brings forward the existing and probable effects of certain act. It can be written in different designs and layouts as required by the assignment. Examples can be writing on the cause and effect of global warming, or the Great Depression of the 1930’s.


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