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Research Papers on Careers

A research paper on career comes under the category of college research papers. It is said that only hardworking, sincere and assiduous students should write such papers as it involves a style of writing quite different from the ordinary academic papers and hence the role played by academics is not much. Expertise, professionalism and specialisation play a major role in drafting such papers. A lot is expected from the writer of career papers as he is supposed to write everything about the career and not just a subject or a topic in it. It should be written as if a professional from that field has written. But this should not discourage a student from writing these essays as there are many ways and approaches to write an excellent research paper. one such basic rule for writing a good paper is seeing it from the viewpoint of the reader of the paper and then questioning yourself whether everything required has been written in it or not.
The first step towards writing such papers is searching for the essential data available regarding the paper. The topic here is too broad, so every possible source of information must be looked for, it may be a book, libraries or interviewing some professional in the field. The research materials and sources should be assembled and planned properly. Information regarding everything related to the career like the qualifications required, interests of the people working in the field, job profiles to be expected, salary, companies hiring, scope in the future, certificates, job satisfaction etc must be gathered. Then the facts so gathered must be assembled into a research topic. Also being specific and sticking on to only one aspect of the career is important and going in for a very broad topic and in the end loosing the sense and integrity of the writing should be avoided. For example while covering career in law, one should focus on one aspect of law, like being a criminal lawyer or a corporate lawyer.
Paying attention to the needs and requirements of the audience is also very important. Audience may include professionals in the field or the beginners and the ones new to it. Knowledge about field varies in both the cases and so does the information required by the two. Therefore it should be written accordingly, catering to the needs of all the audience that is expected to read the research paper. Also one should be cautious not to assert to know all concerning the profession.
Career research paper may be made outstanding by drawing some conclusions based on collected data regarding the trends in the careers, like the trend in the salary offered, demand for the professional in the field, etc. This will certainly help the aspirants in determining their career prospects and build a true and real perspective of the career in the field. Conclusion to the career research paper should include the outline about the pros and cons of getting into that field. It is essential for each aspirant to be acquainted with these. The writer should be very careful in writing research papers on careers as presenting true, honest and real information is a must, even on moral basis. The students aspiring to join that profession may get influenced by the research paper and any wrong or misleading statement will deceive and delude the aspirant into the profession.


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